Introduction to Diverse Learners: Autism Spectrum Disorder

| Length : 12 | File type : Video

In this installment of the diverse learners series, Becky gets into the complex world of autism—what it is, how it manifests, and how to address challenging behaviors caused by autism. Ultimately, B... Read More

Building Analytical Skills

Think. Just think. Yes, but how? What does it mean to analyze? What are key concepts in analyzing a scenario? How can we help students to think beyond the current moment?

Anabaptist History: Session 1

A session on Anabaptist history that looks at Anabaptist beginnings and dispersion in Europe.

Board: Taking the Lead

Do your teachers ever come away from board meetings wondering what got decided? Did you lead out in the board meeting? What about getting things done on time? Or showing an interest in the problems fa... Read More

Anabaptist History: Session 2

A session on Anabaptist history that looks at migration from Europe to numerous locations in America.

Building Reading Skills

Reading is an extremely important part of our education. How can lower-grade teachers and middle grade teachers give students tools they need to be good readers?

Book Reports

Presenters at WFTI summarize, review, and recommend books of interest to teachers.

Board: Effective School Management

What does the board need to do to be effective? What does it take to really get things done to get a school working smoothly and operating as it should? How do you take care of your teachers?

A Life-Lesson Learned

Sometimes life is the best teacher. In this presentation from WFTI 2021, teachers share lessons they learned from life.