To Understand and Do: Teaching Literature for Life Change

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 8 | File type : Video

How important is literature in your school's curriculum? How can you lead your students to godliness through poems, stories, and art? How do you select literature that will influence students towards ... Read More

Stories: Using Point of View Effectively

Contributor: Becky McGurrin | Length : 30 | File type : Audio

Have you been writing for years but still feel like your storytelling isn’t as engaging or compelling as it could be? Do you wish you were one of those authors whose readers are so drawn in that they... Read More

Photography: Beyond the Everyday Photo

Contributor: Regina Rosenberry | Length : 61 | File type : Audio

We’ll focus on arranging still lifes, close-ups, and portraits, using props from nature and everyday life. Learn how sunlight and cropping can enhance the subject. Then we’ll turn that photo into a ... Read More

Art: Techniques for Aging Your Characters

Contributor: Nadia Gura | Length : 29 | File type : Audio

Do you have trouble finding age-appropriate models? Are you looking for techniques to age a model or make him or her appear younger? Learn the visual clues that help illustrate the aging process. We w... Read More

Plenary: The Word of Christ

Contributor: Steve Ebersole | Length : 24 | File type : Audio

Who is Christ? The Lord of the Church is glorious and of great power. Steve reviews prophecies of Christ's work of redemption and relationship.

Art: Mastering Facial Expressions

Contributor: Nadia Gura | Length : 41 | File type : Audio

Starting with fundamentals of facial anatomy, we will explore the movements of facial features that interact as a whole so we can better portray realistic emotional expressions. We will incorporate a ... Read More

Music: Rediscovering Hymns From the Past

Contributor: Myron Sauder | Length : 61 | File type : Audio

Hymns come in families—hymns of a generation resemble each other. And many times they “grow up,” changing in one way or another before they come to us. Let’s meet some great hymns and their cousin... Read More

Writing: Creative Communication

Contributor: Kyle Stoltzfus | Length : 56 | File type : Audio

What is creativity? A power given to only the enlightened few? No! Instead, creativity is an acquired skill that takes practice. In this interactive session, we will explore creativity as problem-solv... Read More

Poetry: Poetry as Communication and Connection

Contributor: Marlene Brubacher | Length : 59 | File type : Audio

Some verses are skimmed and forgotten; others are savored and remembered. Let’s explore the ways vulnerability, pivotal word choice, and author tone transform forgettable rhymes into living poetry th... Read More

Writing: Showing or Telling Characters’ Emotions

Contributor: Stephanie Leinbach | Length : 62 | File type : Audio

The more skillfully you portray characters’ emotions, the more authentic your characters. Learn techniques that will convince readers your characters are real people they might meet in the paint aisl... Read More