Examining the Cause of Faulty Foundations

by Steve Ebersole

This session is part of the series on the structure and function of the board. Steve examines popular ideas that hinder parents from nurturing their children with love and discipline. It is no secret that Judeo-Christian values have been increasingly under attack by our humanistic society. What is more sobering is how much those ideas have infiltrated our own thinking and affect the way we have been raising our children. From even before conception, when children are now considered optional instead of a God-given responsibility, all the way through teen years, secular thinking is influencing the way parents and educators relate to the challenges of childrearing. This track is an abbreviated effort to look at children from the perspective that our Creator intends as revealed through His unchanging Word, the Bible.

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CONTRIBUTOR: Steve Ebersole


CASBI 2020
Publication Date: April 10, 2020


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