What should the church expect from the school?

by Glen Jantzi

The Christian school doesn’t have a direct Scriptural mandate, says pastor Glen Jantzi. Still, the school can be a trusted partner in the work of nurture that is the responsibility of the church and the homes.

In this video, Glen describes the values and practices that allow a school to contribute to the work of the church:

  1. Teachers and staff should be committed Christians modeling the life and love of Jesus Christ and the beliefs and values of the church and home.
  2. All subjects should be taught from a biblical perspective and reflect biblical principles.
  3. Schools should provide guidance and direction in choosing their vocations.
  4. The environment outside the classroom should support and build godly character. Lying, anger, and bad attitudes should not be permitted.
  5. Schools can contribute by providing leadership training, such as speech class, and mission exposure.
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