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Physical Science Syllabus by John Mark Kuhns

Contributor: John Mark Kuhns | File type : Curricular

John Mark outlines forty objectives, five requirements, and the materials and methods for a class focusing on the physical earth and a Christian orientation towards it. Download the syllabus now or p... Read More

High School Chemistry Syllabus

Contributor: Brian J Martin | File type : Curricular

Brian shares his objectives, texts, and materials for teaching high school chemistry. Download the syllabus or preview it below. ... Read More

Martyrs and Heroes from the Past

Contributor: | File type : Collection

In this series, Lucinda retells stories of Christian martyrs and heroes from the past. We hope you will be inspired by these histories and perhaps find them helpful in preparing for school devotions.

Line by Line: Memorization as a Daily Rhythm

Contributor: Bethany Peachey | Length : 3 | File type : Video

Memorizing poetry: It's a good thing to do, but where in your already full schedule can you add it? Bethany shares how she takes advantage of little moments throughout the day to build students' aware... Read More

Living History Threads Worksheets

Contributor: Libby (Turner) Boss | File type : Teaching Material

Libby made these worksheets to go with five Threads booklets written and published by Faith Builders. She writes, "My school (in Ireland) couldn't afford the whole curriculum, so I just purchased the ... Read More

Doodle Greeting Cards

Contributor: Anne Hilty | File type : Teaching Material

Use these pages to print your own single-fold cards. Add some color with markers, crayons, or colored pencils. Or use these as inspirations to create your own doodles. Download the cards now or pre... Read More

Optical Isomers: Chemistry’s Right Hand and Left

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Article

An understanding of optical isomers helps us to better appreciate the amazing work of the Creator. This article is designed for high school chemistry students who have a basic knowledge of elementary ... Read More

My Vision for My Students

Contributor: Samuel Stoltzfus | File type : Article

Samuel shares a plethora ideas for emotionally and intellectually healthy activities for upper elementary students. Now that school is over for the year and summer lies ahead, my students have ... Read More

Seeds to Carry with Us: Anabaptist Values in the New Normal

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Blog Post

We know that our spiritual heritage and teachings and life come first. (Seek ye first…) My purpose in writing is not to address our spiritual/church/congregational walk directly—I leave that t... Read More

Comprehensive Study Guide for Amos Fortune: Free Man

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Teaching Material

These questions, comments and suggested activities can stimulate deep engagement with the story of Amos Fortune’s life in a way that cultivates insight and wisdom. The questions follow the story pa... Read More