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Pre-Reading 101: Strategies to Get Your Students Ready for the Story

Contributor: Sharon Yoder | Length : 10 | File type : Video

Many teachers lean heavily on post-reading questions to enable students to evaluate literature. Too often, suggests Sharon, we skip over pre-reading exercises. She shares pre-reading activities that p... Read More

Recommended Book Series for Elementary

Contributor: Anna Zehr | File type : Curricular

From two elementary teachers, this list suggests series that provide your child with material to grow into reading. The list is in progress; download the file and edit it to fit your situation. D... Read More

Must-Reads Book List

Contributor: Anna Zehr | File type : Curricular

The compilers chose for this list books recognized as timeless classics, or books that form values or expand the minds of readers. Books listed in the preschool through lower elementary sections can b... Read More

Studio ARTiculations Art Curriculum Sample Unit Plan

Contributor: Hannah Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

Studio ARTiculations Art Curriculum was born out of the dream to help Christian school teachers and homeschool families gain access to a quality art education without burdening the teacher with excess... Read More

Addition and Subtraction Flashcards

Contributor: Hans Neufeld | File type : Teaching Material

Download and print this document to create 202 flashcards drilling basic addition and subtraction facts. Download the flashcards or preview them below. ... Read More

Teaching Fictional Elements in the Reading Class

Contributor: Sharon Yoder | Length : 58 | File type : Audio

In elementary grades, it is easy to overlook the fictional elements of story. We tend to focus only on the important skills of comprehension and word building. This breakout is designed to aid your re... Read More

Making the Pen Mightier than the Sword

Contributor: Carol Burkholder | Length : 58 | File type : Audio

The metonymic adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” is rarely true without some purposeful effort. How can we make our writing and the writing of our students more effective? This session will ... Read More

Teaching High School History

Contributor: Nate Nolt | Length : 61 | File type : Audio

High school history class can offer the student a deeper understanding of the human condition across the ages. Engage with my reflections on teaching high school history as it relates to content scope... Read More

The Hills and Valleys

Contributor: Dana Atkinson | Length : 63 | File type : Audio

A broad overview of geological deposits and processes forming the landscapes of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, explained in context of the Genesis flood. For middle-to upper-grade teachers who wi... Read More

Why Teach Pilgrim’s Progress

Contributor: Carol Burkholder | Length : 57 | File type : Audio

Geared toward middle school and high school, this session examines reasons for and methods of teaching Pilgrim’s Progress.