School Subjects

To Lack Nothing: Why Practice and Teach Spiritual Disciplines?

Contributor: Arlyn Nisly | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Prayer, reading the Bible, fasting, singing: We know these are good things, but how can we stay motivated to do them? How do we teach them to our students when the results often aren't obvious? Arlyn ... Read More

The Math They See, the Math They Use: Demonstrating Concepts with Math Manipulatives

Contributor: Piper Burdge | Length : 16 | File type : Video

In math, we expect students to memorize steps and learn processes with the hope that they will understand the concepts as they use them. But this last step—understanding—often never happens, say P... Read More

Anatomy of a Research Project

Contributor: Jason Beachy | File type : Curricular

These guidelines describe an annual science or history fair for Grades 4-12. Each grade has a general topic (science, history, Bible, etc). Projects include a research report, an oral report (typica... Read More

Research Fair Grading Form

Contributor: Jason Beachy | File type : Curricular

Use this rubric to grade students' oral reports and exhibits at science or history fairs.Download this document or read it below.... Read More

The Exciting Journey: Guiding Your Class to Successful Reading

Contributor: Ruth Anna Kuhns | Length : 12 | File type : Video

View or download on Vimeo Learning to read: everyone is expected to do it, but it won't happen automatically. For some students, it will be far from easy. In this session, learn the principles of p... Read More

REACH 2015


REACH 2015 was a gathering of workers in Christ’s Kingdom. Farmers, businessmen, and young men and women shared with and heard from missionaries, aid workers, school teachers, counselors, teachers... Read More

Avoiding Overload and Burnout (Arthur Nisly)

Contributor: Arthur Nisly | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

After describing what overload and burnout looks like, this presentation discusses and looks at solutions to common external and internal causes, wrestling with what it means to have appropriate balan... Read More

Ministering to the Abused (Arthur Nisly)

Contributor: Arthur Nisly | Length : 39 | File type : Audio

Sexual abuse damages people in ways that are deep and significant. Abuse among our plain people is much more prevalent than we wish. Reaching out to the abused who are not a part of our churches will ... Read More

Saints, Starters, and Stethoscopes: The High Calling of Pioneering a Medical Mission (Jana Nisly)

Contributor: Jana Nisly | Length : 36 | File type : Audio

Medical missions have historically introduced the kingdom of Jesus to many parts of the world. Have you heard God’s call to pioneer or help establish a medical mission? How can you ‘stay the course... Read More

Maintaining Long-Term Vision (Barb Coblentz)

Contributor: | Length : 38 | File type : Audio

When working with people, sometimes we will face disappointment, reactions, failure, unhealthy dependence on us, and people weariness. This presentation discusses ways to move on when all we want is o... Read More