Apps and Programs

Values and Practices for the Use of Technology

| File type : Document

Technology accelerates communication. But what does this do for your school? Faith Builders developed a list of values for the use of technology along with accompanying action items. You may fi... Read More

Ordering Your Digital World

Contributors: Kevin Shenk | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

Technology should work for us, but too often we find ourselves intimidated, distracted, confused, and frustrated by the tools which promise to simplify and ease our endeavors. This session will explor... Read More

Tech Tools (Matt Landis)

Contributors: Matt Landis | Length : 45 | File type : Audio

This presentation takes a practical, hands-on look at some new and some mature tools that are becoming affordable/accessible to make your ministry more efficient.

General Teacher/Student Online Resources

Contributors: Arlene Birt | File type : Curricular

Discovery School’s Puzzlemaker: Online tools for creating various types of word and number puzzles for students to do tips, graphic organizers n... Read More

Recommended Resources for Developing Visual Presentations

Contributors: Lynell Nissley | File type : Article

Visual presentation tips (PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote): 10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation Tips To Create Professional PowerPoint Presentations 10 tips for better s... Read More