History, Inspiration, and How-To: Teaching Art in a Multi-Grade Classroom

Contributor: Rebecca Beiler | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Rebecca hoped to train her students in art technique while introducing them to art history and concepts—but she didn't want to create every lesson from scratch. In this video, she talks about the wa... Read More

Planning Ahead for Art

Contributor: Becky Sue Kreider | File type : Curricular

When should I start planning ahead for my art classes?  A. Plan ahead before school startsGet enough art ideas together for most of the year.Make an example of each one. Note any pre... Read More


Contributor: Susanna Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

Grades 2-8 learn about Pointillism, a form of painting that uses dots instead of smooth brush strokes. Students make their own pointillistic picture using markers. Lesson PlanPowerPointRu... Read More

Snowy Landscape Art Lessons

Contributor: Yvonne King | File type : Teaching Material

In this series of lessons, students learn about color value by painting several layers of color to create a snowy landscape. Foreground and background is emphasized with trees of different sizes an... Read More

Teach Your Students to Weave

Contributor: Twila Groff | Length : 3 | File type : Video

Weaving: an ancient art, and still beautiful. In this brief video, Twila Groff demonstrates a simple loom your students can create from inexpensive materials. The weavings they produce can become ha... Read More

Japanese Block Painting Art Lesson

Contributor: Susanna Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

Grades 2-8 learn about Ukiyo-e (Japanese block-print making) and the famous Ukiyo-e painting The Great Wave by Hokusai. Students then make their own block-print of waves using styrofoam, "inking" i... Read More

Cubism Star (Texture) Art Lesson

Contributor: Susanna Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

Grades 2-4 learn about Cubism, an influential art form in the twentieth century. Cubism is a style of art where "objects are broken up and reassembled in abstract form." Students create a cubistic... Read More

Spring Flowers: Doodling Art Lesson

Contributor: Anita Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

Students learn four simple doodling patterns as they use a black sharpie to fill in circles to create flowers. They learn how make butterflies to add to their picture, then finish it with leaves and ... Read More

Papier-Mâché Cuisine

Contributor: Bettina Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

In this art lesson plan, students use papier-mâché to create a piece of food and paint it. Bettina encourages teachers to use the project as context for a consideration of world hunger and the lux... Read More

Impressionistic Water Lilies

Contributor: Susanna Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

Grades 5-8 learn about Impressionism in art, specifically the paintings of Claude Monet. They paint water lilies using bleeding tissue paper to show Impressionism's focus on color and light without ... Read More