Bible Study

Planning School Devotions for the Year

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Document

What is the purpose for devotions? Are they another chance to practice your program songs, or a meaningful opportunity for student growth? Jonas shares a list of considerations for planning devotional... Read More

To Lack Nothing: Why Practice and Teach Spiritual Disciplines?

Contributor: Arlyn Nisly | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Prayer, reading the Bible, fasting, singing: We know these are good things, but how can we stay motivated to do them? How do we teach them to our students when the results often aren't obvious? Arlyn ... Read More

Fruitful Dreaming: Ideas for Devotions (Part II)

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

The last post gave big-picture ideas of themes and approaches for your class devotions. This post shares specific, daily plans and suggestions for materials. Monday:Grades 1-6 have chapel to... Read More

The Creation—A Picture for Little Eyes

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

A study on creation for students in grades 1-4. Topics covered are God creating the world out of nothing, the days of creation, character traits of God, man in the image of God, caring for the earth... Read More

Familiarizing Ourselves with the Culture of Jesus’ Day (Steve Overholt)

Contributor: Steve Overholt | Length : 61 | File type : Audio

The purpose of this talk is to help inform us of the broader context of the New Testament in general and of the Gospels in particular. In what ways was the time of Jesus similar to that of the Old Te... Read More

Study Guide for Daniel 11:2-35

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

The precise fulfillment of the Bible should encourage us to trust God. The first two pages of this document provide historical information pertaining to many of the events predicted in Da 11:2-35. The... Read More

Lesson 15: Christ Of The Mount Intro

Contributor: Kendall Myers | File type : Teaching Material

In an introduction to the Sermon on the Mount, Kendall probes the way we come to know the Lord and his ways.Download this document now or read it below.... Read More

Bible Reading Guide

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

This reading guide contains primarily factual types of questions. It has questions based directly on the Bible as well as questions based on the book Doctrines of the Bible by Daniel Kauffman. These q... Read More

Chronological Age Chart

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Curricular

The first page is a timeline from Creation to Abraham. The second page lists Bible references that provide information pertaining to timelines.Download this document now or read it below.... Read More

Planning Devotions (Ryan Hoover)

Contributor: Ryan Hoover | Length : 58 | File type : Audio

Ryan's class discusses the motivations for holding Bible class: to focus our thoughts on God, to learn the facts of the Scripture, and more. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE).