Geography Travel Challenge

Contributor: Jason Beachy | File type : Document

Traveling the world: Sounds like fun! In this independent activity for high school students, students learn that it takes some coordination, too, and costs some money. Harness your students' dr... Read More

A Ticket to Math: Flashcard Practice Certificates

Contributor: Karen Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

Click for full-resolution images. Karen used tickets and certificates to keep her students on a path of math skill improvement. The letter to parents explains the process. The second page of the ... Read More

Girls and Math: How Going beyond the Rules Helps Students Engage with Math

Contributor: Rolin Martin | Length : 9 | File type : Video

You can teach math in two ways, notes Rolin. Math can be presented as a series of rules that produce reliable results, or as a set of concepts that explain much about the world. Much of our math te... Read More

Teaching Algebra

Contributor: Austin Smucker | Length : 50 | File type : Audio

Why do we teach algebra? Should we teach algebra? Well, then how should we teach it? How can we make it practical to our students? Are there ways to make hard concepts stick around for a while?

Teaching Elementary Math

Contributor: Verlin Miller | Length : 51 | File type : Audio

What are you going to do when you step out in front of the elementary youngsters? What are some pitfalls? How can we best get this math lodged securely in the student’s brains so it doesn’t fall out... Read More

Special Triangles

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

This enrichment activity looks at three special types of triangles with side lengths that are all whole numbers. One type of triangle has a 60° angle. Another type has a 120° angle. For the third... Read More

2-D and 3-D Congruence

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

We were designed to perceive a 3-D world and cannot always trust our perception regarding the congruence of 2-D objects. Geometry students might not believe you if you tell them that parallelogram A i... Read More

Matrix Multiplication and Pythagorean Triples

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

This enrichment activity uses matrix multiplication to generate primitive Pythagorean triples. Any primitive Pythagorean triple other than [3 4 5] can be produced from [3 4 5] by using no more than th... Read More

Getting around the Chalkboard: Digital Graphing Tools for Better Student Interaction

Contributor: Jason Beachy | Length : 6 | File type : Video

If you teach algebra using the Cartesian plane method, your students are familiar with graphing paper. That is perfect for work at their desk, but how can you practice and check work together as a cla... Read More

Spot Checks, Hooks, and Sweet Rewards: Ideas for Elementary Math

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

Recently as I recounted several math ideas I find beneficial in the classroom, I thought perhaps sharing them could inspire another teacher.  After all, don’t we regularly beg, borrow, and steal id... Read More