Audio Exerpts

Personal Holiness Makes a Difference

Contributor: John Coblentz | Length : 2 | File type : Audio

Your personal life will make an impact in your home, your classroom, your church, and your community. John urges us to live lives of personal holiness for the sake of those we influence.This ... Read More

Teaching is a Whole-Life Experience

Contributor: Jeremy Sauder | Length : 3 | File type : Audio

Teachers should teach with heart, bringing their experiences and thoughts into the classroom. This impacts students' lives and helps prevent personal burnout.This clip is taken from Jerem... Read More

Read with a Plan

Contributor: Melvin Lehman | Length : 2 | File type : Audio

You know that reading is a path of growth. But what kind of reading will benefit your teaching the most? Develop a plan, says Melvin, and read with intention.This clip is taken from Melvin... Read More

Helping Struggling Students Taste Success

Contributor: Peter Whitt | Length : 5 | File type : Audio

"The success of today is the strength to face tomorrow."Struggling students may seldom find the satisfaction of success. Mr. Whitt explains how he helped several students in his classroom succeed.... Read More

Little Moments (Dan Rutt)

Contributor: Daniel Rutt | Length : 4 | File type : Audio

In the closing session of his series on Scripture in the classroom, Dan reminds us of the greatness of little moments. We tend to emphasize the big tests and great acts of God's people in history. But... Read More

Raising Children for Battle

Contributor: Val Yoder | Length : 2 | File type : Audio

Val urges us to abandon the fear that our children will fail. The Lord made our children, not for greenhouses, but for battle. Val's comments are directed at parenting, but apply well to teachers as w... Read More

Telling the Stories of Glory

Contributor: Pete Peters | Length : 3 | File type : Audio

In the Bible, the stories of God's people are told--and retold. Pete calls us to impart the records of the past, not as history for its own sake, but for the glory of God who worked among us.Excer... Read More

These Are God’s Children

Contributor: Duane Tucker | Length : 2 | File type : Audio

Our students are God's children, each and every one. He chooses to mold and shape them through other people, especially their teachers and parents.Excerpt from Applied Science in the Classroom.... Read More