Get More Out of Your Students

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You can get more out of your students by presenting thought-provoking, inspiring examples and additional ideas. One of the most effective strategies that can be used in the classroom is to give... Read More

Threatening or Leading?

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In his classic memoir of school teaching, The Thread That Runs So True, Jesse Stuart tells this little story: “At the noon hour of my first day at Landsburgh High School, I noticed a last yea... Read More

A Prayer for Tired Teachers

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  Father, We are weary. We admit that sometimes the task before us seems too great to accomplish. We are daunted by our never-ending to-do lists. We are overwhelmed by the students wh... Read More

“Called to Serve: The Role of the Christian School Board”: Additional Resources

Documents for School Boards “Boards, Principals, and Administrators: Who Does What?” by Jonas Sauder Who Does What? ( “Board Job Descriptions” by Gerald Miller B... Read More

Keeping Students Organized

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Being organized is often an indicator of a student’s success in school, and it certainly does help a student function better.  When everything is in its right place, all assignments written dow... Read More

Read-Aloud? But My Students Are Too Old For That!

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This scene is familiar in the lower elementary classroom: students gather around their teacher or the librarian on a carpet, looking at the pictures, and listening to the story. Or maybe they are ... Read More

In a Winter Slump? Try Themed Days

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  Over the years, teachers have become very creative with helping students get through the winter slump–those months between Christmas and Easter when the only hint of vacation or respite i... Read More

Three Writing Games

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Looking for a fun activity to stretch your students’ imaginations? In search of an easy substitute for your regular lesson on a day you aren’t feeling well or are just stretched too thin to p... Read More

Sandwich Story Handouts

Sandwich Story Handout, 4 Parts Sandwich Story Handout, 5 Parts Sandwich Story Handout, 6 Parts Sandwich Story Handout 7 Parts... Read More

Cultivating Curiosity in Students

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One of the most exciting tasks we teachers can pursue is cultivating curiosity in our students. When our students are curious, they are usually engaged in what they are learning, enjoying themselv... Read More