Day of 8 Billion

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According to the UN, the global population reached a milestone 8 billion on November 15, 2022. This lesson plan and worksheet discusses world population and helps students visualize the magnitude of t... Read More

Do the Write Thing, Part I: Why Writing Matters

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The adage says, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” As conservative Anabaptists, we have traditionally avoided using the sword. But unfortunately, we have often avoided using the pen as well... Read More

Guiding Students Through the Process of Writing Research Papers

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Research papers are probably the most daunting of all assignments for school students. Keeping that in mind, these steps are designed for younger students (grades seven and eight) or for high scho... Read More

Quick and Easy Formative Assessment

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Does Johnny deserve an A? Did Susie answer enough questions correctly? Can Janie read the proper amount of words from this list? Sometimes assessment is easy, if there is a definite right/wrong an... Read More

About Those Raised Hands

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I have to wonder at what point in history the raising of hands for permission to speak became such a ubiquitous part of the classroom. It’s really a bit odd when you think of it, yet it is a hel... Read More

Full of Compassion

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O to be like thee… full of compassion!* As we looked at this hymn in staff devotions and thought of areas in which we wanted to be like Jesus, this phrase stuck out to me. I want to be full of c... Read More

Tipping the Scales to Teach Basic Algebra

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This is the story of how two plastic cups, a coat hanger, and some string revolutionized the way I teach algebra. It started one year when I was teaching my sixth graders some introductory alge... Read More

Dedication: Making Any Curriculum Work in Your Classroom

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Dedicated teachers should be able to make just about any curriculum work well for their students. It may be challenging, frustrating, and take some extra time, but the rewards are well worth it. Y... Read More

Top Five Practices for Science Class

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When I think back to when I was in school, I think science was my least favorite subject. It didn’t make sense to me, and I thought it was boring. Now that I’m teaching, science is one of my f... Read More

True Springs

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In the early 1900s, the town of Winona Lake, Indiana, was a summertime destination for many Christians. Cultural Chautauqua speakers and events mixed with a three-week Bible conference in a beauti... Read More