2018 Survey Results: Useful Tools


In this post, we continue digesting the input from the 85 Anabaptist educators who filled out our survey. For Part 1 of the results, which includes demographic profiles of respondents and the types... Read More

Living Truths

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

For a number of years, I used the Character Sketch books as a basis for our devotional time at school.  Each month, we focused on a specific character quality. Throughout the month, we learned in... Read More

Songs and Chants across the Curriculum

Contributor: Becky Bollinger | File type : Teaching Material

With contributions from other teachers, Becky compiled this booklet of songs and chants for use in elementary schools. Use these and modify them to suit your class' needs.Some songs are blocked o... Read More

What Do I See?

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

“It seems like no one cares about me!  No one wants to play with me.”  This was the perception Brenda shared.  I assured her that we do care about her, and tried to gently help her to see t... Read More

2018 Survey Results: Identifying the Educators

Contributor: Lucas Hilty | File type : Blog Post

@import url(; #pgc-53831-0-0 , #pgc-53831-1-0 , #pgc-53831-3-0 , #pgc-53831-5-0 { width:61.8034%;width:calc... Read More

Monkeys to Infinity: A Fun Way to Teach Probability

Contributor: Lucinda J Miller | File type : Blog Post

If you put a monkey in front of a typewriter and let him type for a very long time, would he eventually produce the works of Shakespeare?This question, or a version similar to it, has been flo... Read More

What Parents Want Most from Teachers

Contributor: Shari Zook | File type : Blog Post

What parents want most from teachers. Hm. Is this even a thing?Isn’t this like asking what a woman wants in a man? (The correct answer is: Which woman?)Some parents like a relaxed classroom,... Read More

An Antidote For the iGeneration

Contributor: Anita Yoder | File type : Blog Post

We know the iGeneration refers to those who grew up with the knowledge of technology.Does it also suggest people whose lives center around me, me, me, what I want, and when I want it? Sometime... Read More

Cultivating Healthy Class Discussions

Contributor: Peter Goertzen | File type : Blog Post

Stimulating, productive discussions are among the most rewarding classroom experiences for both teachers and students. But making them happen can be challenging. I’m not sure which is worse: the... Read More

Anatomy of a Research Project

Contributor: Jason Beachy | File type : Curricular

These guidelines describe an annual science or history fair for Grades 4-12. Each grade has a general topic (science, history, Bible, etc). Projects include a research report, an oral report (typica... Read More