Expectations and Order

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Rules, laws, guidelines, expectations, or even commandments—as stated by the first grader who was handing out papers to a reluctant classmate, “You have to take it! It’s by her commandment.... Read More


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Crimea – Battle of Balaclava Lord Raglan, British cavalry commander, sat high on a hill and watched the Russian soldiers withdrawing naval guns from the captured redoubts. His plan was that t... Read More

Periodic Table of the Elements Flashcards

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These flashcards test and reinforce students' knowledge of the names and symbols of the elements of the periodic table.

Three Summer Reads for Teachers

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  The new school year is approaching. For some teachers, its arrival feels sloth-like as their anticipation grows for the happy buzz of students in the hallways, the scratch of chalk on the bl... Read More

Teaching Generation Alpha Students

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Generation Alpha students are the children who have been born in the years after 2010. They are growing up surrounded by and often immersed in technology. They are about age twelve and younger, ar... Read More

Learning Disabilities

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Chris has difficulty forming letters with his pencil; his arm twists around in a circle, and he pushes his pencil through the paper. Anne jumps up from her desk every few minutes and is constantly... Read More

Book Review: Total Participation Techniques

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  Book Review: Total Participation Techniques: Making Every Student an Active Learner by Persida Himmele & William Himmele One of my goals this year was to involve my students in my lesson... Read More

That Destructive Comparison Game

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“My lunch is better than yours!” “I don’t like my drawing. Johnny can draw much nicer than I can.” “It’s not fair that math is harder for me than it is for Katie!” We elem... Read More

Book Review: Why Don’t Students Like School?

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Daniel T. Willingham, a cognitive scientist, wrote this fascinating book about how the mind works, how this relates to student learning, and to how and what we are teaching in the classroom. The a... Read More

My Charge

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“A charge to keep I have… to serve the present age, my calling to fulfill. O may it all my powers engage to do my Master’s will.” (Charles Wesley) Who am I working for? If I’m working for... Read More