“Called to Serve: The Role of the Christian School Board”: Additional Resources

Documents for School Boards “Boards, Principals, and Administrators: Who Does What?” by Jonas Sauder Who Does What? ( “Board Job Descriptions” by Gerald Miller B... Read More

Sandwich Story Handouts

Sandwich Story Handout, 4 Parts Sandwich Story Handout, 5 Parts Sandwich Story Handout, 6 Parts Sandwich Story Handout 7 Parts... Read More

The Poetry of Robert Frost

| File type : Teaching Material

A selection of poems by Robert Frost followed by a worksheet for reflection, analysis, and response. From the contributor: In CLE's Literature II (Unit 6, Lesson 6), we study Robert Frost's poem "T... Read More

Workers in the Kingdom

| File type : Teaching Material

The holiday season with its flurry of excitement is past. Gone are the days of Christmas program practice, class parties, and Christmas break. Here instead are midwinter days filled with the daily... Read More

Don’t Make These Ten Mistakes in Your Poetry

| File type : Teaching Material

Advice from a poet for growing poets on how NOT to write poetry. Courtesy of Lynn Michael Martin at the Curator. Download the document now or read it below. ... Read More

Responding to Literature

| File type : Teaching Material

A flexible literature assignment promoting engagement with literature through personal response and group dialogue and critique. Courtesy of Lynn Michael Martin at the Curator. Download the documen... Read More

Interview a Business Owner

| File type : Teaching Material

A project in which students interview local business owners as part of a unit on economics. Includes instructions for conducting an interview and interview questions. From the contributor: In a un... Read More

Invent Your Own Country

| File type : Teaching Material

A world geography project in which students create an imaginary country, literally from the ground up. From the contributor: We use Abeka World Geography for half of our course (Grade 9 Social Stu... Read More

Expand Geometric Thinking with Arcnel

Contributors: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

Arcnel is a new version of Elsys which was uploaded earlier. Arcnel's new name reflects its ability to draw arcs as it processes L-systems. "Lsystem Activities.pdf" is a series of activities designed ... Read More

Unit Plan Template

| File type : Teaching Material

A detailed template for planning instructional units. Designed specifically for high school literature, the template is easily adapted to any subject. Download the document now or read it below. ... Read More