Resources for The Exceptional Learner

by Lynell Nissley

The resources on this page were compiled by Lynell Nissley for the use of students in her Faith Builders classes.

All Kinds of Minds

  • Learning Framework–one page
  • Parent Toolkit–Read Introduction, then see additional links across the top for specific areas. Follow Attention, Mathematics, Reading, and Writing; under “Basics,” select “Read More” for each page.  Note how the information connects to the Learning Framework. When you encounter a “Try It” link, be a good sport and give it an attempt, at least until you understand the difficulty of the activity.  You are only required to read the Basics section for each section, not Difficulties, Strategies, etc.  But you may find them helpful for your project toward the end of semester.
  • Language Module–Click “Launch the Online Language Module” to start. Note: Click “Download the Online Language Module Workbook.”  Turn to PDF pages 9-13 (numbered 7-11 in document).  During or after completing the module, pick one question from each page to answer.
  • Memory Module–Click “Launch the Online Memory Module” to start. Note: Click “Download the Online Memory Module Workbook.” During or after completing the module, complete PDF page 6 and only the practice activities on pages 8, 10, 12, 14. (numbered 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 in document).
  • Attention Module

NIMH Publications

Russell Barkley

Fact Sheets

Required reading

Optional, may be beneficial for project:

AIMSweb manuals

CBM & Progress Monitoring

Paid options for CBM


RIPM–Early Numeracy Measures (see download file at the very end of the page)

National Center on Intensive Intervention (review of CBM tools)

Help for goal writing

Setting SMART Goals

IEP Goal Writing

Intervention Resources

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CONTRIBUTOR: Lynell Nissley

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