Worship: Bible 701

This Bible study unit teaches students to be able
1. To define the Biblical meaning of worship.
2. To tell why mankind has a problem with worshiping false gods.
3. To name several gods which drew the Israelites away from God in the Old Testament.
4. To name several things which draw people away from God today.
5. To name and define some of God s attributes.
6. To describe worship practices in the Old Testament.
7. To tell how worship has changed since Jesus came.
8. To describe activities and attitudes included in personal worship.
9. To describe several requirements for collective worship.
10. To list and describe several kinds of worship services common in the early church.
11. To describe the worship service in which the Anabaptists decided to form a Scriptural
12. To tell how persecution affected the worship of the Anabaptists
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