A Review for Creative Writing Curriculum

Contributor: Lucinda J Kinsinger | File type : Blog Post

Andrew and Jennifer Yoder’s curriculum is called Creative Writing: Sparkling Bits of Writing, and comes in two books. The first is recommended for grades 5-6 and the second for grades 7-8. How ... Read More

Guidelines for Oral Reading

Contributor: Christian Light | File type : Teaching Material

This booklet from Christian Light equips teachers to develop their students' oral reading skills. Topics covered include: oral reading skills, selecting materials, preparing and evaluating students, a... Read More

Idea: Social Studies Bulletin Board

Contributor: | File type : Document

This educational bulletin board from Josiah Zimmerman reinforces the lessons learned in social studies and geography class and encourages students to think globally. ... Read More

Ideas: Elementary Devotions

Contributor: LaFaye Weaver | File type : Document

This document lists and outlines some ideas for morning devotions in elementary classrooms. Download this document or read it below. ... Read More

Music in Class: A Whole Body Approach with Singing

Contributor: Kyla Mast | Length : 4 | File type : Video

Music is a powerful teaching tool because it involves the entire person: body and mind, sense and soul. In this video, Kyla encourages teachers to harness the pedagogical power of singing by making it... Read More

Physical Education & Health: Statement of Philosophy and Purpose

Contributor: Arlyn Nisly | File type : Document

This document from Pilgrim Christian School grounds the school's physical education and health programs in a thoughtful understanding of divine creation and human embodiment. We take care of our bodie... Read More

Celebrating the Seasons in the Elementary Classroom: Autumn Ideas

Contributor: Kendra Martin | File type : Blog Post

It wasn’t until I started teaching first grade that I began to see the seasonal changes in our world through the eyes of a child. Their awe at the trees changing colors, the plentiful bouquets of co... Read More

Bible Memory Schedule

Contributor: Wesley Gingrich | File type : Curricular

A twelve-year Bible memory schedule with passages for each month of the academic year. Download this document or read it below. ... Read More

Bible Memory Scope & Sequence (K-12)

Contributor: Chris Sensenig | File type : Curricular

A comprehensive Bible memory plan with schedule of passages for each grade level, from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Includes assessment guidelines for Grades 7-12. Download this document or read ... Read More

Games: A Classroom Theme

Contributor: LaFaye Weaver | File type : Curricular

In these snapshots from her classroom, LaFaye shows us how to make classroom procedures and study time fun and games.