May 2024 Progress Report

The Dock was first released in 2016, and after an initial growth burst has seen mostly steady year over year increases in traffic. That trend continues, with modest increases in the use of the site over the past quarter. Part of this increase seems to be driven by more people finding helpful content that was published years ago.

.We released two new videos during this period: Teachers are Mentors and Wonder through Science.

We are grateful for the work of our bloggers’ group: Rosalie Beiler, Arlene Birt, Karen Birt, Chris Brode, Carolyn Martin, and Deana Swanson. Trent Clugston recently joined this group, and we look forward to his insights on school management.

Looking ahead

In the coming months, watch for an announcement of a new podcast for administrators. We also anticipate releasing more videos and experimenting with highly usable summaries of key teacher information.


The Dock 2023-24 Q3

Financial report

Fiscal year-to-date summary (July 2023–March 2024)

Year to dateBudget% of Budget
Beginning balance($2,009)
Net income($5,650)
Due to rounding, numbers may add up differently.

Expense breakdown (January–March 2024)

Blog posts$235
Tech infrastructure$258
Office expenses$610
Due to rounding, numbers may add up differently.


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