Preparing for Schooling from Home

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In this series of documents, Jonas suggests a framework for providing sustainable education at home. This framework seeks not to remake school as school, but to adjust in order to effectively support... Read More

Christian School Administration Institute 2019

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The 2019 Christian School Administration Institute (CSAI) was held in Zurich, Ontario on March 15. Topics included history, dyslexia, and board meetings.

CASBI 2020

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The 2020 Conservative Anabaptist School Board Institute was held in Belleville, PA. Details of the topics are available in the PDF below. ... Read More

Student Teaching Resources

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Jonas writes: "What I've used a number of times is a set of questions on Handbook for Creative Teaching. This is a handbook, but serves well to introduce the initiate to a broad spectrum of top... Read More

Pacific School Leadership Institute (PSLI) 2019

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The first annual Pacific School Leadership Institute was held in Spokane, WA, in October 2019. Download the program or view it below. ... Read More

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Plans


As institutions around the world scramble to respond effectively to the novel coronavirus, Anabaptist schools too must choose responsible and thoughtful approaches. These documents represent the w... Read More

Materials for A Beka Biology

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The materials in this collection are designed to accompany A Beka Biology. No matter what text you use, though, you can download and modify these materials to meet the needs of your class.... Read More

Materials for A Beka Grade 5 Science

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Karen's materials give teachers a boost in teaching A Beka's science and health curriculum for Grade 5. ... Read More


Civitas is a classroom game in which students develop their understanding of the work needed to support a civilization.

Teachers Conference 2018

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