CLE Workshops 2012

by Lucas Hilty

Items in the series CLE Workshops 2012:

Developing Christlike Thinking; Elementary (Uve Steinmann)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

Uve describes the attributes of the Spirit’s work in elementary children. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE). Pass it on:

Developing Christlike Thinking; Secondary (Jonas Sauder)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

We can easily be influences subconsciously by our culture, says Jonas, but the Lord calls us to take every thought Read More...

Effective Classroom Leadership (Uve Steinmann)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

Uvi addresses the principles, properties, and practices of effective classroom leaders. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE). Pass it on:

Geography—Where Is My Neighbor (Lyndon Hartman)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

Lyndon illustrates geography-teaching methods and activities. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE). Pass it on:

Geometry and Thinking Skills (Jonas Sauder)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

Geometry, and spatial thinking, offers practical solutions for daily life, says Jonas. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE). Pass it on:

Let This Mind Be In You (Elmer Glick)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

If we have problems, the example of Christ offers answers. If things are going well, we can prevent future problems Read More...

Teaching Memorization (Uve Steinmann)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

We have the ability to access a wealth of information, says Uvi, but we are what we know. Memorization of Read More...

Speak Up Speak Clear (Uve Steinmann)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

The example we set in public speaking will be followed by our students. Uvi offers rules for overcoming common problems Read More...

Think on These Things (Jonas Sauder)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

Our thought patterns affect our ability to process information. Our minds must be formatted in the ways of God. Courtesy Read More...

Board Qualities That Support Teachers (Lyndon Hartman)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

A board working together can support the teacher, in turn caring for each member of the student body. Courtesy Christian Read More...

Geometry and Thinking Skills (Elmer Glick)
Publication Date:2012-12-31

Elmer encourages an appetite for geometry and the glory it can bring to God. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE). Pass Read More...

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