Pacific School Leadership Institute 2021

by Josh Nisley

These recordings are from PSLI 2021, held at Waitts Lake Open Bible Camp from October 21-22, 2021

Items in the series Pacific School Leadership Institute 2021:

Of Destinies and Ways
Publication Date:2021-10-22

“A foolish man chooses his way and must accept his destiny, but a wise man chooses his destiny and accepts Read More...

Our Schools and the Government
Publication Date:2021-10-22

What are guidelines for both conscientiously and practically relating to laws concerning our schools? How should we relate to rules Read More...

History: "Wisconsin vs. Yoder" Explained
Publication Date:2021-10-22

In 1972, the Amish were in the US Supreme Court defending the right to teach their children as their conscience Read More...

Teacher Tending
Publication Date:2021-10-22

Do your teachers know that you care? How? Are you practicing the Golden Rule? Giving affirmation? Diagnosing without directing? People Read More...

The Value of Teacher Training
Publication Date:2021-10-22

How does investment in teacher training return real dividends in our schools? What happens at WFTI? CLE Teacher Training? Other Read More...

Connecting with Your Community
Publication Date:2021-10-22

Are you tapping into the resources in your church and local community? Do people you know have skills or stories Read More...

Mark Ye Well Her Bulwarks (Ps. 4:11-15)
Publication Date:2021-10-22

The blessings of a Christian school are more than we sometimes realize, and a step back is occasionally necessary to Read More...

Intentional Board Functions
Publication Date:2021-10-22

How can board meetings be designed to purposely address the needs of our schools? What methods are advisable for keeping Read More...

Why I Am Passionate About Christian Education
Publication Date:2021-10-22

After investing more than two and a half decades in the Christian Day School, Bro. Anthony is still passionate about Read More...

Book Reports
Publication Date:2021-10-22

Reports on the following books: “Handbook for Creative Teaching” – Neal Hackman, LaGrande, OR YWAM Biographies, – Conrad Smucker, Chewelah, Read More...

A Woman and Her Words
Publication Date:2021-10-22

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Support or criticism? Encouragement or shame? Up-building or downgrading? Fair Read More...

Evaluating Student Performance
Publication Date:2021-10-22

Placement tests, achievement tests, grading procedures, report cards… What data should we be concerned about and why? What collection and Read More...

School as a Mission?
Publication Date:2021-10-22

When non-member families wish to enroll students in our schools, should we do it? Can it work, or should our Read More...

Intentional School Documentation
Publication Date:2021-10-22

Medical forms, student files with enrollment and academic records, parental consent forms, teacher hiring agreements… is this stuff really necessary? Read More...

Intentional Ministerial Involvement
Publication Date:2021-10-22

What is the church leaders’ role in the school? How can they stay informed without meddling, give direction without micromanaging, Read More...

Interpreting Reality
Publication Date:2021-10-22

In multiple messy situations in Egypt, Joseph correctly interpreted the realities of what he faced, providing us examples of the Read More...

Intentional School Structure
Publication Date:2021-10-22

How do routines help school administration and classroom management? What is the difference between structure that serves and structure that Read More...

Not Ignorant of His Devices (II Cor. 2:11)
Publication Date:2021-10-22

Obviously, Christians should be aware of Satan’s tactics. But how readily do we identify his attempts to destroy unity and Read More...

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