Separation and Nonconformity Colloquy

by Lucas Hilty

The historical Anabaptist church responded to the divine call to separate from the corruption of the world to follow God in holiness. Today, too often our vision of nonconformity is negative or weak. We may see separation and nonconformity either as avoiding certain cultural patterns of our current society, or as a set of distinctive behaviors to mark the people of God. What is the doctrine of separation and nonconformity, and how can its practice speak with power even today?

Items in the series Separation and Nonconformity Colloquy:

Nonconformity among Today's Anabaptists
Publication Date:2013-01-26

In this presentation, Nathan Yoder discusses some of the challenges facing conservative Anabaptists currently and offers suggestions for addressing these Read More...

Nonconformity in Cross-cultural Contexts
Publication Date:2013-01-26

In this presentation, Val Yoder describes the response of unchurched people around the world when they see the “beauty of Read More...

Nonconformity in Anabaptist History
Publication Date:2013-01-26

In this presentation, Heatwole surveys the historical record concerning separation and nonconformity in Anabaptist history. Numerous quotes make this is Read More...

Nonconformity: Responses
Publication Date:2013-01-26

Arlyn Kauffman, Curtis Duff, and Ernest Hochstetler offer their responses to the presentations by Wendell Heatwole, Nathan Yoder, and Val Read More...

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