Teachers Conference 2016

by Lucas Hilty

Teachers Conference 2016, held at Faith Builders on October 14-16, 2016 took the theme “Scripture and Our Classrooms: Lighting the Way.” The guest speaker was Daniel Rutt, teacher at Terre Hill High School. CDs are available for purchase at Christian Learning Resource

Items in the series Teachers Conference 2016:

More than Bible Facts: God's Wisdom in Our Classrooms
Publication Date:2016-10-15

How do we bring the light of God’s word into our daily classroom experience? Dan encourages us to look beyond Read More...

Lighting the Way: Scripture in Our Classrooms
Publication Date:2016-10-14

How does the Bible change how we teach? How does it change our students’ learning? Dan Rutt explains that the Read More...

God's Story in Education
Publication Date:2016-08-01

In the opening message of the series, Dan describes the arc of God’s story, and urges us to see our Read More...

Telling God's Story in Education
Publication Date:2016-08-01

How does God’s story apply in the classroom? How does it guide us in navigating interpersonal difficulties? Dan points out Read More...

Panel: God's Word Shaping Our Teaching
Publication Date:2016-08-01

How do we integrate Scriptures in math, science, and history classes? A panel of four teachers challenge and encourage their Read More...

Calling Students to Embrace God's Story
Publication Date:2016-08-01

In the final talk in the series on biblical integration, Dan urges teachers to be faithful to their callings and Read More...

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