Chicken Foot Dissection: How Tendons Work

Contributor: Caleb Martin | File type : Teaching Material

Watch Caleb demonstrate what chicken feet teach us about our own biology, then download the lab document below. ... Read More

Our Wonderful Machine

Contributor: Carolyn Martin | File type : Teaching Material

Seven lesson plans to teach students about their bodies. Students make a model of their body and add brain, muscles, bones, heart, lungs, stomach, etc as they learn about each part. Download this d... Read More

Astounding Adam: Wonders of the Body; Ryan Hoover

Contributor: Ryan Hoover (2) | Length : 39 | File type : Audio

The human body is amazing! Ryan explores the awe of God's work in making us.

Church Membership

Contributor: Kendall Myers | File type : Teaching Material

Teacher's notes on why a Christian is called to be committed to a local body. Download this document or read it below. ... Read More

Preparation for Service in the Body of Christ (Jonas Sauder)

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 73 | File type : Audio

Jonas reminds us that we are called to serve out of love for our Master. He draws our minds to God's love and intimate care for his creation. Courtesy Christian Light Education (CLE).

Preparation for Service in the Body of Christ (Nathan Yoder)

Contributor: Nathan Yoder | Length : 79 | File type : Audio

How can we prepare our children to serve well in the church of Jesus Christ? Nathan calls us to raise our families as connected members of the church, the apple of God's eye. Courtesy Christian Light ... Read More