Can’t He, or Won’t He? (Jonas Sauder)

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 64 | File type : Audio

When a child doesn't perform according to our expectations, what are some of the root causes? Is the issue we face a problem of the will, a disability, a developed inability, a habit, a lack of traini... Read More

Helping Struggling Students Taste Success

Contributor: Peter Whitt | Length : 5 | File type : Audio

"The success of today is the strength to face tomorrow." Struggling students may seldom find the satisfaction of success. Mr. Whitt explains how he helped several students in his classroom succeed.... Read More

Virtual Field Trips

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Curricular

Ball State University's field trips program: Archived virtual field trips, such as visiting the Grand Canyon and the Grand Tetons, walk in history. Teachers must enroll their class to get access. ... Read More

Online Resources for ELL Learning Support and Special Needs

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Curricular

LDonline: tells of modifications, many articles on ways to help or understand those with learning disabilities or special needs Enchanted Learning Dictionary: choose a topic, shows pictures an... Read More

Discerning between Inability and Unwillingness

Contributor: Jonathan Erb | Length : 40 | File type : Audio

Stanley addresses the importance of a clear conscience and calls us to a higher level of integrity. Courtesy Western Fellowship Teachers' Institute.

Learning Disabilities

Contributor: Sharon Yoder | Length : 75 | File type : Audio

Beginning with the inspiring stories of famous historical figures who had been dismissed by their teachers as failures, Sharon outlines practical steps for helping students who struggle. Courte... Read More

Meeting Special Educational Needs of Individual Students

Contributor: Simon Schrock | Length : 64 | File type : Audio

Drawing from extensive experience in education, and from the insights of his audience, Simon presents ideas for meeting the needs of students. Courtesy CASBI.

Slow Learners

Contributor: Elson Sommers | Length : 63 | File type : Audio

Elson explores general teaching methods, and ways to adjust them to meet the needs of individual Courtesy FBEP.