Helping the Undisciplined

Contributor: Irene Bontrager | File type : Article

Image by StevePB on Pixabay How do we help those who struggle to maintain discipline? In these notes from a session at REACH 2019, Irene considers the Scriptural basis for discipline, the purpose f... Read More

Planning School Devotions for the Year

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | File type : Document

What is the purpose for devotions? Are they another chance to practice your program songs, or a meaningful opportunity for student growth? Jonas shares a list of considerations for planning devotional... Read More

Constructive Staff Evaluation (Galen Stutzman)

Contributor: Galen Stutzman | Length : 47 | File type : Audio

“Iron sharpeneth iron.” How do we effectively speak into the lives of our staff? How do we grapple with actions stemming from unresolved conflicts in the past? How much room do we give youth for imm... Read More

Just a Bug

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

I just read a devotional titled “Feeling Underappreciated?” There are times I feel like I don’t matter, or what I do doesn’t really affect anyone, and it would be nice for someone to ackno... Read More

The Basis of Discipleship: God’s Word is Relevant Now

Contributor: Wilmer Horst | Length : 5 | File type : Video

How do you teach about the variety among world religions? How do you address current events? Wilmer shares his confidence in the effectiveness of God's word to train young people to be disciples. ... Read More


Contributor: Sheldon Kauffman | Length : 58 | File type : Audio

This workshop gives some ideas for mentoring and developing the young people who come to work in your organization. Young people who are interested in voluntary service or mission work are typically a... Read More

Education That Builds Character

Contributor: Howard Bean | Length : 50 | File type : Audio

What sort of parent and teacher must I be in order to form character in my children and students? Howard examines the personal qualities and practices of those who lead children in the steps of Jesus.... Read More

Little Moments (Dan Rutt)

Contributor: Daniel Rutt | Length : 4 | File type : Audio

In the closing session of his series on Scripture in the classroom, Dan reminds us of the greatness of little moments. We tend to emphasize the big tests and great acts of God's people in history. But... Read More

From Children Who Listen to Young Adults Who Serve, Part II

Contributor: Darrell Hershberger | File type : Blog Post

Children who listen will be able to transition to young adults who are responsible and ready to serve?  Why? Because they have been trained to be tuned in. Samuel as a child learned early to s... Read More

Lesson 15: Christ Of The Mount Intro

Contributor: Kendall Myers | File type : Teaching Material

In an introduction to the Sermon on the Mount, Kendall probes the way we come to know the Lord and his ways. Download this document now or read it below. ... Read More