Endangered Species Project Rubric

Contributor: Brian J Martin | File type : Teaching Material

This rubric specifies the criteria used to evaluate a project on endangered species. The document also includes focus questions and research sources. Although it is designed to fit A Beka Biology, dow... Read More

Science Oral Reports

Contributor: Karen Nolt | File type : Teaching Material

A rubric for grading a science oral report for fifth grade. Categories are facts, level of interest, volume and clarity, eye contact, and length. Download this worksheet now or read it below. ... Read More

Methods of Evaluation

Contributor: Derek Overholt | Length : 44 | File type : Audio

Explore and understand the diverse options you have for evaluating the progress of a student: grading, report cards, achievement tests, teacher observation, etc

Student Behavior Self-Evaluation Form and Cover Letter

Contributor: Anna Zehr | File type : Curricular

Anna shares the form she uses to capture students' evaluations of themselves and their seat partners. Self-Evaluation Form Cover Letter for Parents For more on student self-evaluations, watch M... Read More

Show Them, Tell Them: Techniques to Communicate the Stories of the Bible

Contributor: Yvonne King | Length : 25 | File type : Video

It's Bible story time, so you reach for the Bible story book. Will your students engage with the message? Will they understand how the people of the story felt? By learning the story so well that y... Read More

How Do I Assess Subjective Projects? Rubrics for Creative Writing

Contributor: Sharon Martin | Length : 4 | File type : Video

Assessing creative projects can seem arbitrary. Are there ways to make the process easier for teachers and more transparent for students? Sharon Martin says yes. Using rubrics can simplify the pr... Read More

Oral Reading Rubric

Contributor: Yolanda Lichty | File type : Teaching Material

I try to work ahead towards report card time, but I am always frustrated that there are so many grades I am expected to take for which I have no concrete numbers. One of these is oral reading. As a re... Read More