Practice Sheets for BJU Consumer Math

Contributor: Lucy Miller | File type : Teaching Material

This series of documents offers extra practice for students studying Consumer Math from Bob Jones University Press. Topics include stocks, bonds, payroll, and more. Although the exercises complement s... Read More

Late Homework and Test-Taking Policy

Contributor: Anthony Hurst | File type : Curricular

Myerstown School drew up these policies in an effort to bring uniformity to their approach to late homework and test-taking. Their work can ioffer ideas as you develop policies that will address your ... Read More

Homework Assignments

Contributor: Matthew Mast | File type : Curricular

A schedule of homework assignments. Includes the date and the assignment due mostly through the month of January. Download this document or read it below. ... Read More

Marshall Memo 670 (Sample)

Contributor: Kim Marshall | File type : Article

This is a sample issue of The Marshall Memo, a weekly review of educational articles. Note that it is not from an Anabaptist perspective. From the website: The Marshall Memo, published since 200... Read More

The Role of the Home in Success at School

Contributor: Ed Gish | Length : 39 | File type : Audio

Taking input from his audience of teachers, Ed shares principles that enable parents to support their children's school and teachers. The discussion focuses on positive home life and school-parent com... Read More