The Basket of Flowers Book and Study Guide

Contributor: Edward Lake | File type : Teaching Material

Here is the novel The Basket of Flowers by Christoph von Schmid (not under copyright) and questions to answer for the novel. This novel promotes honesty, faith, and perseverance (among other values). ... Read More

Relating Amidst Conflict (Dave Yoder)

Contributor: Dave Yoder | Length : 32 | File type : Audio

Reconciliation is not an option for a Christian. Each person is made in God's image and desrves diginity and respect, so commit yourself not to live with ill-will toward another. Dave Yoder gives prac... Read More

Honesty in Relationships (John Coblentz)

Contributor: John Coblentz | Length : 46 | File type : Audio

God is truth and what He says is truth. As I walk with God, I learn to know my heart. When I am honest with God about what is going on inside me, He cleanses and changes what is unrighteous. An hon... Read More

Introductory Questions

Contributor: Kendall Myers | File type : Teaching Material

Questions for a classroom discussion on ethics. Some questions seem to have simple answers, but lead to other questions that are more controversial. Download this document or read it below. ... Read More

Loving Those We Serve

Contributor: Steven Brubaker | Length : 84 | File type : Audio

As an administrator, it is important to learn how to love those you serve by valuing diversity and promoting unity. Steven offers practical steps in working together to accomplishe these goals. ... Read More