Nonfiction Text Features (Graphic Organizer)

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Teaching Material

This is a printable organizer for use in helping students analyze texts.Download this document now or read it below.... Read More

Cultivating Curiosity in Children (Steven Brubaker)

Contributor: Steven Brubaker | Length : 50 | File type : Audio

Curiosity is a desire to know, an eagerness to learn. Mr. Brubaker gives ideas and examples about how to create a classroom atmosphere that moves away from boring to one where students experience the... Read More

Electrophorus Lab

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

In this study guide, students experiment with an aluminum pie pan, a foam plate, a foam cup, and a straw. The document includes steps for reproducing the experiment and questions to assist students ... Read More

Enjoying School, Delighting in God: Classroom Culture

Contributor: Joseph Shantz | Length : 6 | File type : Video

What kind of classroom culture do you want? Joey Shantz wants his 7th graders to enjoy, rather than dread, learning. The classroom, he says, can be a fun, motivating place where students began to ... Read More

Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Contributor: Myron Augsburger | File type : Book

Myron Augsburger's classic work on the Anabaptist view of biblical interpretation. Note: copyright on this book belongs to the author, who has kindly granted permission to have it posted on this site.... Read More