Building Relational Skills

Relationships can be complicated. We are not some sort of inanimate objects with no feelings. How can we teach our students to relate to each other and to life in general in a Biblical and personable ... Read More

Relationships: Session 1

What do you love? Who are you? We rely on our relationships to give us a sense of place, identity, and a view of the world. But ultimately, our relationships need to be based in God.

Relationships: Session 2

What is the purpose of our relationships? To be instruments in the hands of God.

Relationships: Session 3

What tools do we have for dealing with relationships in crisis? This talk considers working relationships and the practical side of nurturing relationships.

The Teacher’s Persona

A teacher’s persona is about his or her personality, yet there’s more to it than that. What is persona? Should I be concerned about it? Can it be changed, should change be attempted, and what compon... Read More

When A Child Rubs You Wrong

Contributor: Dorcas Peight | File type : Blog Post

In my last blog post I talked about the art of noticing your students. This goes two ways: sometimes we notice commendable things, and sometimes we notice annoying things. We know that we are supp... Read More

The Art of Noticing Your Students

Contributor: Dorcas Peight | File type : Blog Post

I was a very green first-year teacher when I stumbled upon a helpful assumption about human nature. It seemed to me that neither the students nor the teacher could do our best work when we felt lo... Read More

Getting Along

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

“These girls are just not getting along. I think at one point each one has felt left-out or bullied. I don’t know how to help them!” worried a new first-grade teacher. “Teacher, they wo... Read More

Behind the Mask

Contributor: Carolyn Martin | File type : Blog Post

“Good morning…uh…uh…uh,” I said to the girl coming down the hall. Her mask was over her nose. Her hood covered her head so only her eyes peeked out. Who is the girl behind the mask? “U... Read More

Dealing with Dysfunctional Homes: What Teachers Can Do, What Boards Can Do

Contributor: Jonathan Erb | Length : 7 | File type : Video

Dysfunctional homes directly impact schools. While some situations cause only minor annoyances, others hinder the student's and the school's ability to function, and thus demand more significant inter... Read More