God’s Glory in the Refugee Crisis in Lesvos Greece

Contributor: Emanuel Esh | Length : 40 | File type : Audio

In this session, we’ll watch the European refugee crisis unfold through the eyes of Isaiah 60. Surely this is one of the greatest opportunities of the age to reach these difficult people groups. This... Read More

The Joy of Being God’s Woman

Contributor: Clara Schnupp | Length : 29 | File type : Audio

How can joy be realized in our life as women? The Father calls us to live freely and spontaneously. How is that possible in such a troubled world? 

Keeping the Vision in a Support Role

Contributor: Lorraine Brenneman | Length : 41 | File type : Audio

Do you wonder what your purpose is while answering phones, paying bills, cooking another meal, or cleaning up after others? Are there days that it feels like just another job? In this workshop, we wil... Read More

What Is That in Your Hand?

Stephan Gingerich

Throughout history God has used faithful people to accomplish His will. The parable of the talents demonstrates the potential of each one of us in God’s kingdom. How many talents do you have? Have yo... Read More

Exercising Authority with a Servant Heart (Anthony Hurst)

Contributor: Anthony Hurst | Length : 53 | File type : Audio

The fact that we teachers have authority over our students is a given. How and why we use it makes all the difference. Let’s look at ways we can humbly serve our students by properly exercising our a... Read More

Create a Culture of Service Rather Than Happiness

Contributor: Gerald Miller | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Are your children happy? We have learned to pursue self-satisfaction as a primary goal. But happiness, says Gerald, is a by-product of a life of serving. Encouraging happiness as the endpoint f... Read More

The Joy of Sacrifice (Melvin Burkholder)

Contributor: Melvin Burkholder | Length : 37 | File type : Audio

Sacrifice: This word sounds like deprivation, joyless asceticism, even like suffering. Certainly it does not sound like joy. But could it be that our instincts are wrong on this matter, that in a righ... Read More

The School’s Role As an Arm of the Church

Contributor: Edwin Eby | Length : 53 | File type : Audio

How does the school relate to the church? Edwin reminds us that schools should not rule over the mission of the church; they should serve as functions of their churches. He explores practical implicat... Read More

A Different Type of Learning Environment: How We Set Up Our Co-op Program

Contributor: Howard Lichty | Length : 8 | File type : Video

A Different Type of Learning Environment: How We Set Up Our Co-op Program from The Dock for Learning on Vimeo. How can a school create and run a successful co-op, or internship, program? Howard L... Read More

Preparing Students to Serve: Why We Have Co-op

Contributor: Howard Lichty | Length : 6 | File type : Video

At Countryside Christian School, patrons wanted a high school program that would support all students' preparation. With co-op—a for-credit internship program run in conjunction with local busin... Read More