Teacher development

Top 10 Lessons for the Teacher

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

I was returning workbooks to my students, and to save a few steps, I gently tossed some books onto desks.  One of the children chided me, saying, “You really shouldn’t make a practice of that... Read More

You Aren’t as Important as You Might Think, But You’re Priceless

Contributor: Austin Shenk | File type : Blog Post

As an immature, proud, and inexperienced 20 year old, I applied to teach at Tidings of Peace Christian School.  The administrator, who also happened to be my father, gladly accepted my willingnes... Read More

This Big Thing!

Contributor: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

“I told my class if they weren’t quiet at lunchtime, there would be consequences.  Now I can’t think of a suitable consequence!” the new teacher told her mentor.  Then the two teachers di... Read More

Classroom Atmosphere

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

Since I love to hear others recommend books or other resources that have helped them grow as a learner and teacher, I offer this post. Good classroom management is a much-discussed subject—on... Read More

More Is Caught Than Taught

Contributor: Justin Weaver | File type : Blog Post

We look forward to fresh-faced students eager to learn showing up at our classroom door in a few weeks. Hopeful faces and inquisitive minds thrill a teacher’s heart that, hopefully, this year childr... Read More

Summer Reading for History Teachers

Contributor: Peter Goertzen | File type : Blog Post

My last blog post was about the importance of reading. In this post, I’ll suggest some books that you might profitably read this summer. But first I have a few rules for reading. Prioritize b... Read More

Why You Need to Read Books

Contributor: Peter Goertzen | File type : Blog Post

I know you scarcely have time to even think about reading. Start thinking about reading anyhow. Summer’s coming, and maybe you can make some time then. You need to, and here’s why. 1. You can... Read More

Restful Breaks

Contributor: Betty Yoder | File type : Blog Post

Likely every teacher eagerly anticipates Christmas vacation and other breaks, just as their students do.  A favorite memory of this past Christmas break is when I spent most of the day alone at our l... Read More

Proposed Standards for Teacher Conduct and Performance

Contributor: Allen Troyer | File type : Document

"Of all the factors influencing student success in school, teacher skills and influence are the most important," says the author of this document. He details personal, relational, and performance char... Read More

Authority in the Classroom

Contributor: Brandon Mullet | Length : 54 | File type : Audio

How can we invest in students in a way that draws them to motivated, learning partnerships? Brandon encourages teachers to face discipline and classroom management honestly and expect to see God work ... Read More