Worksheet for Module #2

Contributor: Erikson Lehman | File type : Teaching Material

A study sheet for Module 2 of Apologia General Science. Students are asked about the scientific method, how it works, and its limitations. Download this worksheet now or read it below. ... Read More

From Children Who Listen to Young Adults Who Serve, Part II

Contributor: Darrell Hershberger | File type : Blog Post

Children who listen will be able to transition to young adults who are responsible and ready to serve?  Why? Because they have been trained to be tuned in. Samuel as a child learned early to s... Read More

Speculation and Science

Contributor: John Goering | File type : Article

Here are some thoughts about the concepts of hypothesis, theory, and law. How certain is science? What place do unproven ideas have in science? John's article addresses the value, and the limitations,... Read More

How do You Introduce a Work of Art in the Classroom?

Contributor: Hannah Scott | Length : 7 | File type : Video

In an excerpt from her workshop "Art in the History Classroom," Hannah Scott walks participants through a historical introduction to a new piece of art--a model of an obscure Russian monument.... Read More

Art: How and Why Should We Teach It?

Contributor: Hannah Scott | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Why do students need art instruction? Hannah believes that art will equip students to engage with the world around them, and within. Hannah also addresses the basics of preparing an art curr... Read More

Brief History of Education

Contributor: Ellwood Patterson Cubberley | File type : Book

The author calls this "an abridgement and condensation of my History of education, issued in 1920." Graphics and illustrations enhance this readable history. Courtesy Download this do... Read More

Essays on Educational Reformers

Contributor: Robert Hebert Quick | File type : Book

Beginning in the Renaissance, Quick tells of the Jesuits, Comenius, Rosseau, and others who marked Western thought on education. Published 1890. Courtesy Download this document now or... Read More

History of Education

Contributor: Ellwood Patterson Cubberley | File type : Book

The author was a leading historian of education in the first part of the 20th century. Cubberly sought to trace the history of education "as a phase of the history of the rise and progress of our West... Read More

Readings in the History of Education

Contributor: Ellwood Patterson Cubberley | File type : Book

Cubberley, one of the leading historians of education in the early 20th century, collected this volume of 375 selections from Plutarch to Dewey on the subject of education. Courtesy D... Read More

School of Infancy

Contributor: John Amos Comenius | File type : Book

Comenius bases his essay on three premises: 1. The preciousness of the treasure which God bestows on them to whom He entrusts the pledges of life. 2. To what end or purpose He confers those pledges, a... Read More