Her Husband Is Known in the Gates

Contributor: Nancy Horst | Length : 48 | File type : Audio

How can a wife enhance the work to which her husband is called? How might she hinder the work? Is there a different code of conduct assigned to a wife whose husband serves publicly? Or is her Christia... Read More

Procedures for Managing a Multi Grade Classroom

Contributor: Conrad Smucker | Length : 46 | File type : Audio

Multi-grade situations call for a multi-tasking teacher. Find some tips on making a classroom flow smoothly by setting expectations for everyone. What are some procedures that smooth the movements of ... Read More

The Habits of an Effective Team

Contributor: Gary Miller | Length : 42 | File type : Audio

We will explore the marks of cohesive teamwork. Nothing strains an organization more than when its leaders pull in different directions resulting in great frustration and frequent division. Yet, many ... Read More

Serving Together: Board Spouses

Contributor: Mary Anna Graber | Length : 24 | File type : Audio

So your husband is on the school board, or he's teaching school, or he's serving in a church role. What does that mean for you (besides the fact that you see less of him)? In this discussion, women co... Read More

Supporting the Staff: Experienced Sisters (Eli Wideman)

Contributor: Eli Wideman | Length : 20 | File type : Audio

By far the majority of our teacher staff are sisters. It is the hope of all school boards to hire and employ long term teachers that are passionate and effective at their job. How does a sometimes ine... Read More

Ministers Providing Leadership and Vision

Contributor: Wesley King | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

Ministers have a lot of responsibility in providing leadership. It is important to be wise with delagation and desire deeply the good of the school. Courtesy CASBI.