Being consistent makes me tired!  And I am tired of trying to be consistent!  I know consistency is important, but it would be easier to just let some things go.  I also know I will be glad later on that I kept up with it now. I was leading my class to PE today, and heard stomping behind me.  I… READ MORE

Be Still

Recently, I became aware of how deeply I fear not having enough time to do all that needs to be done at school along with fulfilling responsibilities at home. This fear creates tension in my soul, wearies me physically, and is, plain and simple, sin. I had not consciously realized what a grip this monstrous tyrant had on me; it… READ MORE

Chicken of the Woods: The Best Mushroom in the Classroom

It’s that time of year when many of us find ourselves thinking forward. It’s finally time to turn over that new leaf that we have been staring at for the last several years. I am resolved once again to find more opportunities for my students outside the four walls of my classroom. If you share my resolve, a mushroom hunt… READ MORE

If God Laughs, Why Should You?

Lucinda J Miller | Blog, Elementary Teacher’s Blog

A question I asked for a long time is, “Does God laugh?”He sings.He loves.He feels anger.He feels compassion.He mourns.Does He laugh? I’m not talking about derisive laughter, which God is said to engage in. I’m talking about holding your belly, bending over, humored laughter. In other words, does God have a sense of humor?

I Was Six Years Old

I was six years old, with pigtail braids down my back, when I began my first day of school. Our school was tiny: one teacher, one room in the basement of a little country church house. I took my lunch box, and my thick cream sweater, and a dimpled grin, and my big brother Johnny. My parents dropped us off… READ MORE

Happy New Year!

“Thank you for entrusting your children to me this year.  It is a responsibility I take very seriously.  Please pray for us that we may have a good year and that we will glorify God in our class.”  This is the closing of the letter I send to parents prior to the first day of school.  I suppose that “first… READ MORE


In the past few years, a spotlight has turned on child abuse, particularly child abuse in the places where children ought to be especially safe: the home, the school, and the Christian church. In an effort to curb abuse, and to help children escape it, states have begun designating key adults as “mandated reporters.” In simple terms, that means if… READ MORE

The Stranger Within

Lucinda J Miller | Blog, Elementary Teacher’s Blog

I lead Bible studies for the women at our local jail, and during the course of my ministry, I have come to the conclusion that most of the women there have been abused in some way, whether physically, verbally, or sexually. Some have experienced all these forms of abuse. We expect that in a jail. Of course those things happen… READ MORE

A Dozen Writing Leads

Have you ever wondered why children, who generally love to talk, have a hard time translating their vibrant, imaginative chatter into quality writing? I can spin several explanations. First, the physical act of writing is still difficult for young elementary students, and tends to slow down creative juices. Cutting corners is attractive when penciling each word is laborious. Second, although… READ MORE

Are You Planning to Wing It?

You rush off ten minutes after dismissal on Friday and drive across three states, beginning a weekend of much activity and little sleep. When you get out of bed on Monday morning, it’s an hour before your first class starts. As students start entering the classroom, you’re still chewing a granola bar, hoping nobody looks at your hair too closely… READ MORE