Walk Beside Me

“Maybe God is giving you challenges this year, so you don’t get bored after all your years of teaching!”  Maybe so. Over here, we have the child who is throwing things and ramming his chair into someone.  Here’s one who told me he needs something to fiddle with and he is bored.  This one is clear off the charts on… READ MORE

Moments of Grace, Part 2

Ruth Anna Kuhns | Blog, Elementary Teacher’s Blog

Remember Connor*, the student who gave me a beautiful package of chocolate one morning?  This chocolate was only one of the grace moments listed in my last post.  But let me tell you about Connor and why his gift was significant. Connor entered my classroom door this fall, intelligent, excited, and eager to learn. Only a few weeks of the… READ MORE

Eyes to See

Recently in Sunday School, we studied the story of Elisha who was gifted with supernatural eyesight.  He had eyes to see the host of horses and chariots of fire surrounding and protecting him and his servant from the Arameans on a deadly mission.  He saw and was not afraid.  His servant, however, was blinded to that reality– until Elisha prayed… READ MORE

The Gift of Repentance

After two consecutive days of apologizing to several students for my sharp words, I began pondering the meaning of repentance.   Why do I keep failing?  Shouldn’t I be able to repent – and if I do it just right—have clear sailing from there?  Isn’t confession meant to clear the conscience, bringing sweet peace along with the ability to choose wisely… READ MORE

Use Pretty Pictures!

There’s Johnny again, browsing through Chapter 14 during your class discussion of Chapter 9. He is not reading the words; he is looking at the pictures. No Johnny anywhere has ever idly flipped through his textbook reading paragraphs here and there, ignoring the illustrations until an arresting passage directs his notice to the nearby images. Pictures capture attention as words… READ MORE

The Cape of Good Hope and Cookie-Baking Grandmas

In their attempt to find new trade routes to Southeast Asia, Spanish and Portuguese sailors in the 15th century worked tirelessly to figure out what it would take to sail down around the southern tip of Africa and on east to what is now India and China. They found the voyage down the western coast of Africa long and difficult,… READ MORE

For You!

“This is for you,” Andrea said in a shy voice as she presented to me a grocery bag full of something.  “If you don’t want it you can give it to someone else,” she added.  Of course I had to appreciate the gift after that! I peered inside the bag and found it full of paper chains.  This really was… READ MORE

A Gift Received

In church this morning, our deacon preached on the fallacy of basing our identity on things that can be taken away and stressed the need to place our identity in Christ alone.  Immediately, my mind flew back  quite a few years and relived a vivid lesson that depicts that truth. After several years of teaching and experiencing the inner satisfaction… READ MORE

Classroom Atmosphere

Since I love to hear others recommend books or other resources that have helped them grow as a learner and teacher, I offer this post. Good classroom management is a much-discussed subject—one that teachers continuously try to understand and practice better.   Its presence works like glue holding the whole day together.  Without it, a teacher’s life is full of stress… READ MORE

Why I Teach

In the middle of the school year, it can be good for us to step back and think about why we teach. Early in my teaching career, a friend asked me why I teach. I described the feeling of satisfaction I get when I successfully explain a difficult concept to a student. When the light of understanding comes on in… READ MORE