Refreshments Will Be Served

 “Refreshments will be served.”  Sometimes we hear this announced in regards to a meeting or event.  Refreshments are not something I’m very good at. I don’t always think ahead, or I wonder, “What can I do quickly?”  Serving refreshments can be a good means of fellowshipping or making the event a little more special. How about refreshment of the soul? I… READ MORE

Getting Children on Board

“Come, children. Let’s get those four loads of laundry folded and put away,” said Mother. “Sure, Mom, I’m glad to help. Can I fold the biggest basket?” said no child ever. There is work to be done: assignments to be completed, places at which to arrive on time, cleaning to finish, smaller siblings to help, decisions to be made. How… READ MORE

Fruitful Dreaming: Ideas for Devotions (Part II)

The last post gave big-picture ideas of themes and approaches for your class devotions. This post shares specific, daily plans and suggestions for materials. Monday: Grades 1-6 have chapel together with a dad coming in to speak. I arrange my schedule to to have 5-10 minutes after we return to the classroom to introduce the new Scripture memory for the… READ MORE

Fruitful Dreaming: Ideas for Planning Devotions (Part I)

The school desks are stacked, the bells silent, the hallways empty, and the schoolhouse doors locked. It is a great feeling. Now for several months, I will let my alarm clock rest unused, I’ll regularly don well-worn dresses and flip-flops, and gaily head out to the garden to dig my hands in the soil. The pleasure is nearly palatable. Summers… READ MORE

Grace for the EGR People

Education has many acronyms such as ELL, ADHD, ESSA, and CCSS (English Language Learner, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Every Student Succeeds Act, Common Core State Standards). Here is a new acronym, and one that should apply to all of us, in the field of education or not. The acronym is EGR.  Is this a learning condition?  A behavior type?  Some… READ MORE

Tech Tools for Schools

While the boom in tech gadgets and computer apps has created many pitfalls, the same technology offers powerful, useful tools to teachers and administrators.  Here are a few tools that have proved helpful for me.   All of these tools are free and available to anyone with a Google or Gmail account. Google Calendar For a number of years, I’ve posted… READ MORE

Think on These Things

Have you noticed how easy it is to focus on the negative things in both people and circumstances?  It comes so naturally.  Once I start noticing an irritating trait in a student or situation and think about it repeatedly, it mushrooms.  Soon I see their many prickly traits cropping up all over the place.  In fact, unless I set my… READ MORE

Reading Café

My first-graders enjoyed hosting a Reading Café where, instead of serving food, we served stories!  This was a fun culmination to our reading classes.  Each first-grader was to choose three stories that they could read to our guests at the café.  They listed their selections and then practiced reading the stories – reading to their classmates, on their own, to… READ MORE

Who Teaches Whom?

Students make great teachers. Watching students often enables me to make connections between real life and specific Scriptures I am pondering.  Today was such a time.  In Sunday School we studied the section in James that contrasts earthly wisdom with heavenly wisdom.  When we were asked to define heavenly wisdom, I immediately thought of several students who so beautifully exemplified… READ MORE

When You Can’t Read, Maybe You Can Listen

Reading is essential for expanding knowledge, but it requires dedicated time that can be hard to set aside. Audio recordings give us opportunities to learn while we do other things, such as driving or mowing the lawn. (Tip: When mowing, wear earbuds under earmuff-style hearing protectors. The earbuds may fit in the hearing protectors better if you loop the cords… READ MORE