Be a Table Knife

Lucinda J Miller | Blog, Elementary Teacher’s Blog

Ever hear a student complain that they’ll never use the algebra they’re struggling through? Or that diagrams in language arts have nothing to do with real life? The next time you hear statements like those, tell your students to be like a table knife. A table knife? Yes. Consider its many purposes. You can use a table knife to cut… READ MORE


Remember.  Memory.  Memorial.  We have a memorial service to remember someone, and come away from it thinking of that person and their impact on us.  Joshua built a pile of stones to remember how God had led the Israelites across the Jordan River.  My students and I made a pile of paper stones to remember God’s faithfulness to us.  My… READ MORE

Writing a Research Paper, Part 3: Citing Sources and Plagiarism

James A Goering II | High School Teacher’s Blog, Writing

Correctly citing sources is often one of the least-understood parts of writing a research paper. This article will investigate reasons for citing sources, examine some misconceptions about plagiarism, discuss the definition of plagiarism, and give some advice for helping your students write properly-cited research papers. Reasons for Citing Sources When a student’s research paper contains direct quotes, paraphrases, or summaries… READ MORE

Preventing the Summer Slide

It’s summer vacation! Yay! Let’s sleep in till noon, watch videos, and hang out on the living room couch. Or not. Researchers, educators, and parents are becoming increasingly concerned about what they call the “summer slide,” and they’re not talking about the local water park. Many children experience a learning regression over the summer months, slipping backward significantly in reading,… READ MORE

Early Summer Work

In my last post, I promised a series on lean manufacturing and its application to teaching. Mea culpa. While I have learned and applied much more from lean manufacturing than what I wrote in that post, I found it more difficult than anticipated to wrestle those ideas into a blog post. Interested parties should read The Toyota Way as an… READ MORE

Thank You, Teachers

For the hours of energy poured into your students over the past nine months–thank you. For waking up every morning ready to face a new day with people you didn’t create, to teach content you didn’t choose, and to deal with challenges you didn’t foresee–thank you. For uncounted lesson plans, flashcards, speed drills, phonics sheets, number charts, math formulas, foundational… READ MORE

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Life change comes through establishing and working proper routines. As a 20-year-old, I walked into work one day with my drowsiness very apparent.  My co worker knew that I was going to be teaching the following year. Part way through the morning, as I was operating my forklift, my coworker told me, “You can operate a forklift half asleep, but… READ MORE

Simple Tips for Better Softball at School

Softball is a great recess and PE activity for the warmer months of the school year. I’ve found that a few simple modifications to the game and some basic instruction in good technique help students of all abilities to enjoy the game. Note that not every tip will apply to every situation, and remember that it’s good to listen to… READ MORE

Strategies for Motivation

Darrell Hershberger | Blog, High School Teacher’s Blog

The topic of motivation excites me a good deal more than procedures, rules, and other necessary-but-dry aspects of running a classroom. Here are three motivational strategies for any classroom: Make sure the students (and you) understand the relevance of the subject matter and of each lesson. So often I have found myself going into class for yet another lesson. I… READ MORE

Ending Well

In the last month of school, I find myself and my students coasting in for a finish. To help us all continue to do our best, rather than doing the minimum required, I give them a challenge. Last year I called it “Sundae Best.” This year it’s “Let’s Taco Bout Good Work.” Each day has a separate challenge. These include… READ MORE