Bible Memory Tools

The Word of God is living, powerful, and precious. Because of this, it is of inestimable value to have God’s Word become deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of our children from a very young age. But while we may all agree on its importance, robust and meaningful Bible memorization can be difficult to achieve. Some of you know… READ MORE

It’s May! Summer is Coming!

While I do love teaching and enjoy my job greatly, it is stressful being responsible for little humans all day, and one of the perks of being a teacher is having the summer “off.” (In many ways, it’s not really “off,” because we usually find ourselves preparing, planning, and participating in teacher enrichment types of activities.) So, May is here… READ MORE

Prayer for the End of the Term

I’m tired, Lord. As our year winds down, we are all tired and weary. I’m weary of drilling math facts. I’m weary of listening to halting readers. I’m weary of checking books. And I am weary of the constant struggle to maintain an orderly classroom and to teach classes in an orderly manner. You know the circumstances surrounding this year… READ MORE

The Joys and Challenges of Teaching Generation Z Students

I began teaching before everyday Americans had computers or email in their homes. I remember when students had to get books from the library or use encyclopedias to get information for reports, and when students handed in papers which were either handwritten or typed on a typewriter. Things sure have changed. While there are positives and negatives to just about… READ MORE

Five Go-to Practices to Energize Your History Class

History is actually a class where we learn about real people and true stories about what they did. It should be fascinating—not boring. Here are a few ways to make history more interesting for your students. Show actual pictures. Photos of the Native Americans, the Great Depression, suburbia in the 1960s, the Twin Towers, and anything since cameras were used… READ MORE

Jump-start Your Bible Class with These Five Tips

Bible class is the most important class we teach. How can we make it come alive for students? What can we do to keep students’ attention, keep them involved in class, and help them apply God’s truths to their lives? Here are a few suggestions. Maps, maps, maps! Get big maps and post them on the walls. Point to them… READ MORE

Making Teaching Sustainable Long-Term

“How do you keep teaching year after year without burning out?” Occasionally I hear this question from friends and colleagues. My reply varies somewhat depending on the listener. To be honest, I have often asked myself the same thing, and I am far from having all the answers. Yet I have recognized some life principles that have sustained me through… READ MORE

Quick Ideas for Improving Reading Comprehension and Reading Fluency

Many of us remember those days in the learning-to-read process when we read aloud haltingly, sounding the words out and maybe guessing what the words were from the first letter. In a classroom setting, we counted the students ahead of us to see which paragraph we were going to read. Or maybe we were the other student, the one who… READ MORE

Recommending Help Before A Child is School-Age: Our Experience and Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

Our experience When I noticed that my two year old was not speaking as clearly as his older brother had at his age, I decided to call for an evaluation by the Early Intervention team in our area. A date was scheduled for the team (a physical therapist, a speech therapist, and a special education teacher) to come out to… READ MORE

In a Rut?

“Time for Heggerty!” I say cheerfully even though I am tired of Heggerty*. Moans and groans come from the first graders. We are all tired of Heggerty! In math class, I look around and see several children sitting listlessly, some with their heads down on their desks. In other classes I notice that the writing and coloring is not as… READ MORE