School Culture

Practical Steps to Influence School Culture

Contributor : Gerald Miller | Length : 31 | File type : Audio

Schools do not exist in a vacuum; they exist inside a broader framework of which their culture is a reflection. Gerald Miller defines school culture and gives a few practical steps that boards can tak... Read More

Confronting Cliques and Bullying

Contributor : Matt Petersheim | Length : 52 | File type : Audio

Cliques and bullying hurt everyone, from those involved to those standing on the sidelines. This talk gives school leaders information, awareness, and motivation so that they can stop cliques and bull... Read More

Challenges and Opportunities of a Smaller School

Contributor : Matt Petersheim | Length : 74 | File type : Audio

Challenges and Opportunities of a Larger School

Contributor : Ernie Weaver | Length : 72 | File type : Audio

Challenges and opportunities often walk hand in hand. In this session, Ernie Weaver shows that the challenges of a large school can also be opportunities. In addition, members of the audience address ... Read More

I Can’t Do This

Contributor : John Mark Kuhns | Length : 16 | File type : Video

When students tell you they can't do something, what are they really saying? What's behind the expression of defeat? John Mark suggests three possibilities and how to respond: The student may be ... Read More

Achievement Parties: Motivating Your Students to do Their Best

Contributors: Deana Swanson | Length : 6 | File type : Video

The best kind of student motivation is intrinsic to the process of learning, but sometimes students need an additional incentive to inspire that extra push toward excellence. What if you could offer h... Read More

Staff Development: Empowering the Educator to Engage the Learner

Contributors: Howard Lichty | Length : 10 | File type : Video

The process of becoming a better teacher holds so much potential for enjoyment and inspiration, especially when a group of teachers grows together. An administrator can help give this process the vita... Read More

Teacher Evaluation Form

Contributors: Kendall Myers | File type : Document

This document gives helpful categories and vocabulary for assessing teacher performance and classroom success. It can be used for self-assessment, or be modified slightly for an administrator to give ... Read More

Classroom Visits

This document outlines a CASBI address on the value and purpose of classroom visits from parents, board members, ministers, and principals. Download the document now or read it below. ... Read More

Dealing with Dysfunctional Homes: What Teachers Can Do, What Boards Can Do

Contributors: Jonathan Erb | Length : 7 | File type : Video

Dysfunctional homes directly impact schools. While some situations cause only minor annoyances, others hinder the student's and the school's ability to function, and thus demand more significant inter... Read More