School Culture

Tech at School: Pros and Cons (Panel Discussion)

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As we all know, technology continues to change our world. Can tech be suitably utilized in our schools? Are we equipping students for its appropriate use? How might tech help or hinder the functions o... Read More

The Wolf at the Door: Disrespect

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In the last 50 years, leadership styles have become less authoritarian and more relationship oriented. Have the requirements changed for a leader to be respected? Can a teacher with observable weaknes... Read More

School as a Mission?

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When non-member families wish to enroll students in our schools, should we do it? Can it work, or should our schools be exclusively our own? What criteria should govern our judgment? What guidelines p... Read More

Not Ignorant of His Devices (II Cor. 2:11)

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Obviously, Christians should be aware of Satan’s tactics. But how readily do we identify his attempts to destroy unity and purpose in our schools? What could be an opportunity for brotherhood co-ope... Read More

Mark Ye Well Her Bulwarks (Ps. 4:11-15)

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The blessings of a Christian school are more than we sometimes realize, and a step back is occasionally necessary to recognize the magnitude of these benefits. While not without deficiencies and chall... Read More

Intentional School Structure

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How do routines help school administration and classroom management? What is the difference between structure that serves and structure that enslaves? What are the symptoms of too little structure? Wh... Read More

Conflict Resolution

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How should a teacher respond when a student challenges their authority in front of the class? What should a teacher do when they realized they've handled a situation poorly? Drawing on stories from h... Read More

Developing a Servant Heart: Stories of Ministry

Contributor: Johnny Miller | File type : Teaching Material

Do you truly want to be God's servant? What are you doing for the Kingdom of Heaven? Using the parable of the talents, Johnny Miller calls us to use what God has given us to work in God's kingdom and ... Read More

Prayer as Ministry

Contributor: John Coblentz | File type : Teaching Material

Praying for others and with others is a ministry we easily neglect. But both Jesus and Paul—the two lives most visible to us in the New Testament—show us that prayer is essential to ministry, not ... Read More

Boards That Make a Difference

Contributor: Gary Paul Miller | File type : Teaching Material

In this session, Gary Miller considers a board’s role in governance and its composition and organization, as well as different hats that board members wear. He focuses on identifying key characteris... Read More