School Administration

Interview Questions for New Teachers

A list of questions for interviewing new teachers. The first section is geared toward candidates who haven't taught before and the second toward candidates with experience. Download this document o... Read More

Interview Questions for Prospective Teachers

This document includes a list of questions for interviewing prospective teachers. Categories of questions include school experience, previous work and teaching experience, responding to situations, an... Read More

Values and Practices for the Use of Technology

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Technology accelerates communication. But what does this do for your school? Faith Builders developed a list of values for the use of technology along with accompanying action items. You may fi... Read More

Administration Strategies That Build Community, Part 1

| Length : 66 | File type : Teaching Material

At the end of the day, a school is judged by its capacity to prepare students for life in community. The school’s capacity to understand and communicate the “vision, mission, and values” of a co... Read More

Administration Strategies That Build Community, Part 2

| Length : 63 | File type : Teaching Material

This session is a question and response discussion led by Melvin based on the Part 1 morning session.

Follow the Leader

Contributor: Stephan Gingerich | File type : Teaching Material

Every person is a leader to someone. This session gives you a fresh glimpse into Jesus’ leadership and provide practical ways for you to serve those who look to you as a leader.

Essential Character Qualities for Communication Cross Culturally

Contributor: Joel Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

The challenges of cross-cultural communication are ever-present in missions today. How do we avoid the pitfalls of wrong communication, improper communication, or missing each other completely? In thi... Read More

Learning (and Enjoying) to Submit to Others

Contributor: Earl Peachy | File type : Teaching Material

Why so many books on leadership and so little on subjection one to another? Why an emphasis on being filled with the Spirit, becoming a discerning believer, learning to praise our great God, becoming ... Read More

Best Practices of Servant Leaders

Contributor: Gary Paul Miller | File type : Teaching Material

What makes a leader stand out? What are the keys that make a difference in leading well? In this session, we consider trademark values, motivations, and strategies of successful servant leaders.

Effective Administrative Writing

Contributor: Paul A Miller | File type : Teaching Material

We work with our heads, hands, and hearts–and we work with our words in mission administration. As with any other skill, you can train yourself to shape your thoughts and organize your words to make... Read More