“I’ll Just Google It”

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Students today have instant access to more information than previous generations could have imagined. For some, this begs a question: "Why should I bother learning it in school if I can just Google i... Read More

Novice Teacher Training: Pitfalls

Derek Overholt | Teacher Development | Technology

Why do many teachers quit teaching soon after they start? What are the common pitfalls? Awareness of the pitfalls is the first step in staying out of them.

The Teacher’s Realm of Authority

Verlin Miller | Teacher Development | Technology

This topic is about relating to my authority in the classroom. What is within my realm of authority? How do I implement my given authority without over-using it?

Novice Teacher Training: Prelude

Conrad Smucker | Teacher Development | Technology

An introduction to the Novice Teacher's Training Track at WFTI 2021.

The Value of PTA

Verlin Miller | Teacher Development | Technology

What is the value of parent-teacher meetings? Parents and teachers are on the same team; it's important that they communicate regularly.

Novice Teacher Training: Preparation

Derek Overholt | Teacher Development | Technology

Am I prepared to teach school? Where do I start? What is most important? This class will give you techniques and strategies to keep your head above water in your first year of teaching.

Novice Teacher Training: Presentation

How do you present content in a way that appeals to your students, that "sells" them on truth? Three steps: bait, bite, and catch.

Novice Teacher Training: Presources

What resources does a first-year teacher take into the classroom? A lot, actually. This session challenges novice teachers to identify and use the skills, wisdom, inspiration, and ideas they gathered ... Read More

A Life-Lesson Learned

Sometimes life is the best teacher. In this presentation from WFTI 2021, teachers share lessons they learned from life.

Organized and Efficient

Jaydon Schrock | Teacher Development | Technology

Organization begets efficiency. Learn organizational tips and techniques that will promote efficiency in your classroom this coming year.