More Reading on a Reasonable Response

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This post suggests guidelines for schools transitioning to homestudy programs. An computer science teaching organization compiled a list of resources for schools. Although many of the example respo... Read More

Sample Student At-Home Assignment Instructions

Contributors: Joseph Shantz | File type : Document

This template guides teachers in creating assignments for K-8 students studying at home during the COVID-19 break. Download this worksheet now or read it below. ... Read More

Electronics: Friend or Enemy

Contributors: Conrad Smucker | Length : 46 | File type : Audio

It might depend whom you ask. Perhaps there are some ways to use it rightly; indeed, we use some sort of electronic technology every day. But what about tablets, phones, computers, and such like enhan... Read More

Speed It Up—Carefully: Old and New Technology to Serve Your School

Contributors: Austin Shenk | Length : 8 | File type : Video

Isn't technology great? Possibly. Technology can speed up whatever we're doing. But if we're not sure about our goals for technology, it will likely get in our way, says Austin. He describes new te... Read More

Tech on a Budget: Serving the School as Efficiently as Possible

Contributors: Howard Lichty | Length : 14 | File type : Video

Which computer system do you prefer: one that costs more than your school can afford, or one that needs constant maintenance from school staff? Neither are ideal for small schools short on funds and s... Read More

Writing in the Air: Flexible Teaching with OneNote and a Surface Tablet

Contributors: Amy Zimmerman | Length : 3 | File type : Video

If your classroom has a projector, you can display PowerPoint and pictures. But does your projector get in the way of real, interactive teaching? Amy describes a tool that allows her the flexibility o... Read More

Getting around the Chalkboard: Digital Graphing Tools for Better Student Interaction

Contributors: Jason Beachy | Length : 6 | File type : Video

If you teach algebra using the Cartesian plane method, your students are familiar with graphing paper. That is perfect for work at their desk, but how can you practice and check work together as a cla... Read More

Social Media and Ministry (Matt Landis)

Contributors: Matt Landis | Length : 51 | File type : Audio

Is social media the new "main street" of our technical world? Does the modern version of street meetings include reaching out via social media? What are dangers? We will look at Twitter, Facebook and ... Read More

An Anabaptist Philosophy of Technology (Matt Landis)

Contributors: Matt Landis | Length : 33 | File type : Audio

Anabaptists have been thinking, making statements and taking action on technological changes in our world. This presentation attempts to look at broader technological questions: Is any technology real... Read More

Using Trello for Recurring Administrative Tasks

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Trello is a list-keeper that is free (freemium), easy to use, extensible, and robust. I use it for multiple purposes, but here is how I use it to manage the repetitive tasks that go with my job as pri... Read More