Philosophy of Education

From Vision to Reality

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"Where there is no vision the people perish." -Proverbs 29:18 The Christian school movement was born out of a vision for education that contributes to the church. In this concluding talk from the ... Read More

Is There Not a Cause?

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What good is school? Why does your community need a school? After many decades, conducting our own schools has become commonplace. What are the contributions of schools to our church life in 2022? If... Read More

Why I Am Passionate About Christian Education

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After investing more than two and a half decades in the Christian Day School, Bro. Anthony is still passionate about Christian Education. What perspectives keep this veteran teacher "on the firing lin... Read More

Educating For the Kingdom

Joseph Miller | Philosophy of Education

Schools are the training grounds for citizens of the Kingdom of God. It is imperative that schools and teachers make this the focus of their mission.

Physical Education & Health: Statement of Philosophy and Purpose

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This document from Pilgrim Christian School grounds the school's physical education and health programs in a thoughtful understanding of divine creation and human embodiment. We take care of our bodie... Read More

Can These Bones Live? Finding the Life in the Subjects

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The call of the school: Connecting the heart of the subject, the student, and the teacher. How can teachers as artists stimulate growth in their pupils as they engage God's world together through any... Read More

Why Teach History?

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Boring, just a multitude of dates and names, musty tomes... or lively, fascinating, must-read? In this fast-paced modern society, we need history more than ever. Find out who you are, where you came f... Read More

How Thinkest Thou?

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True education will always enhance a reverence for God and His Word, building conscience to walk in His Word. It is more than a preparation for life; it is a preparation for eternal life. Life in the ... Read More

Pray For Your School

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We agonize over how to help teachers. We spend hours at board meetings discussing “slow” students. We wonder how to help the children from stressful home situations. We long to recover innocence in ... Read More

Building On Our Heritage

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Having a clear-eyed understanding of our heritage on the one hand and a clear perspective of “the times” on the other, how do we build on our heritage in times like these? What exactly do we wish to... Read More