School Board

Intentional Board Functions

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How can board meetings be designed to purposely address the needs of our schools? What methods are advisable for keeping all board members engaged rather than just a hardworking principal or chairman?... Read More

Interview Questions for New Teachers

A list of questions for interviewing new teachers. The first section is geared toward candidates who haven't taught before and the second toward candidates with experience. Download this document o... Read More

Interview Questions for Prospective Teachers

This document includes a list of questions for interviewing prospective teachers. Categories of questions include school experience, previous work and teaching experience, responding to situations, an... Read More

Houston, We Have a Problem (Board)

The Value of Teacher Training | School Board

Calling from what may seem like the distance of outer space at times, teachers are looking for help, answers, support, or a listening ear. Board, what does a supportive board look like? What will help... Read More

The Board Members Toolbox

The Value of Teacher Training | School Board

A hammer and nails, a square, a tape measure- of course these belong in a toolbox. But what are the tools that a school board would have in their box? And might we grab the hammer when the square woul... Read More

When to Stop Doing What We’ve Always Done

Contributor: Paul A Miller | File type : Teaching Material

Mission programs begin by responding to a real need. Staff, structure, and funding develop around this need, and gain a momentum of their own. This session asks the hard questions that help your missi... Read More

Cultivating Healthy Relationships Between Ministry Team Wives

Contributor: Barb Coblentz | File type : Teaching Material

Each of us as women brings our unique blend of gifts/passion to a team. Sometimes those differences grate instead of nurture and bless. In this talk, Barb Coblentz gives ways of embracing this diversi... Read More

Building Unity with Diversity

Contributor: David Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

God intends diversity to have a useful role in the building of His Kingdom. Whenever God designs something, He does it to build. The enemy tries to twist what is good in an effort to destroy. It is im... Read More

Reaching Quality Decisions through Engaged Discussions

Contributor: Merle Herr | File type : Teaching Material

Great board and administrative decisions are rooted in good discussions. The best decisions are the results of well-orchestrated discussions where issues are handled in the right way. In this session,... Read More

Building Confidence with Your Support Base

Contributor: Reuben Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

Effective ministries are the product of communication, integrity, and accountability. This session explores ways to weave these ideas together with a support base to build confidence and stimulate vis... Read More