Community Relationships

Small Things That Make a Big Difference (Ellen Martin)

Contributor: Ellen Martin | Length : 55 | File type : Audio

Do small things really make a difference? A big difference? Who does it affect? Can anyone do small things? Small things make positive and negative differences. We want to focus on the positive differ... Read More

The School’s Role As an Arm of the Church

Contributor: Edwin Eby | Length : 53 | File type : Audio

How does the school relate to the church? Edwin reminds us that schools should not rule over the mission of the church; they should serve as functions of their churches. He explores practical implicat... Read More

Evaluating Seven Elements of Your Home’s Influence

Contributor: Gerald Miller | Length : 68 | File type : Audio

There is no doubt that teachers and schools have great potential for shaping students. But Gerald reminds us that the most powerful influence comes from the home. In this message, he examines several ... Read More

Ministers Supporting the Board in Difficult Situations

Contributor: Edwin Eby | Length : 55 | File type : Audio

Occasionally, a school board faces difficulties in working with parents, staff, and students. How can ministers guide and assist the board in these situations? Edwin addresses methods of preventing pr... Read More

How do I expand my knowledge while teaching full time?

Contributor: Rolin Martin | Length : 4 | File type : Video

Teaching is a demanding calling. Daily lesson-prep takes time. But Rolin says that as you teach, you should strive to grow in your understanding of the subjects you are teaching. In this video, he s... Read More

How Do You Improve Relationships with Parents?

Contributor: Martha Stoltzfus | Length : 4 | File type : Video

As a teacher, you have a vision for education. Do you sometimes wish you could work more closely with parents to achieve your goals? In this video, Mark, Martha, and Matt remind us that we must make... Read More

What should the church expect from the school?

Contributor: Glen Jantzi | Length : 6 | File type : Video

The Christian school doesn't have a direct Scriptural mandate, says pastor Glen Jantzi. Still, the school can be a trusted partner in the work of nurture that is the responsibility of the church and... Read More

Dear Parents Letter

Contributor: Amy Zimmerman | File type : Curricular

This letter to parents was used to facilitate clear expectations regarding student birthday celebrations.Download this document or read it below.... Read More

Building the Infrastructure of Our Communities

Contributor: Melvin Lehman | Length : 39 | File type : Audio

We live in a day of opportunity! But opportunity alone does not equal sustainable, focused, productivity over the long haul. Sustainable cultural/missional output requires high levels of input in cr... Read More

Cooperation, Not Competition

Contributor: Amos Esh | Length : 29 | File type : Audio

All of our conservative Anabaptist NPOs are involved in Kingdom work. All of our work is significant when done for God, and that we should increasingly compliment each other's efforts rather than see... Read More