Student Motivation

“I Don’t Care”

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Student apathy can be a frustrating drag in any classroom. What might be going on beneath the surface of a student's "don't-care" attitude? For some, it might signal a fear of failure or a wrong v... Read More

“I’ll Just Google It”

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Students today have instant access to more information than previous generations could have imagined. For some, this begs a question: "Why should I bother learning it in school if I can just Google i... Read More

Helping Lazy Larry

IMF School Family Handbook | Student Motivation

“How will I help Larry learn to stick at his work? How can I teach him to strive for neatness and to care about his lessons and grades?” Thankfully, we have lots of studious pupils; however, we al... Read More

Helping Daydreaming Danielle

IMF School Family Handbook | Student Motivation

“Attention, Please!” ”Stick at your work.” ”Did you not hear the question I asked?” Some days we run out of ideas for keeping our daydreamers focused….and then they have homework- a stac... Read More

Helping Moody Mary

IMF School Family Handbook | Student Motivation

“Oh No! It looks like Mary may have another moody day….Give me wisdom, Lord. Yesterday she did so well.” What triggers the moodiness in certain students? What do we do to situations that may see... Read More

Helping Talented Tim

IMF School Family Handbook | Student Motivation

“Done with your work for the day before lunchtime?” Teacher smiled approvingly. But…maybe it’s not all a blessing after all. How do we keep the talented learning, occupied, and challenged to t... Read More

Igniting Wet Blankets

IMF School Family Handbook | Student Motivation

Motivation is an important part of getting assignments done correctly and on time. What are some ways to get your students motivated to put their heart into their work?

“A Little Learning” Banner

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This classroom banner calls students to humility by reminding them that "a little learning is a dangerous thing" (Alexander Pope). Download the document now or read it below. ... Read More

Addressing Students’ Frustrating Responses: “I Can’t Do This!”

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When students tell you they can’t do something, what are they really saying? What’s behind the expression of defeat? John Mark suggests three possibilities: the student may be expressing a belief ... Read More

Addressing Students’ Frustrating Responses: “I Don’t Care.”

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You have just presented the best project of the year to your students. The students start working, and automatically you see that they are not motivated. They might not say "I don't care," but their a... Read More