Soaring in March

Contributor: Derek Overholt | Length : 53 | File type : Audio

If the March virus of lethargic attitude is pounding on your classroom windows, take courage! There are some ways in which the battles can be fought successfully regardless of the panes.

Avoiding Burnout: Maintaining Spiritual Vitality

Contributor: John Coblentz | Length : 43 | File type : Audio

Ministry is typically taxing. There is always more to do than we can do. How do we take care of ourselves without being selfish? Is it possible to minister to others when we are tired or weak ourselve... Read More

Slaying Giant Despair

Contributor: Tim Stoltzfus | Length : 46 | File type : Audio

Discouragement is one of Satan’s most well-worn tools. We all face times of discouragement in our lives. What are the smooth stones we can place in our arsenal to sling at Giant Despair? 

The Joy of Being God’s Woman

Contributor: Clara Schnupp | Length : 29 | File type : Audio

How can joy be realized in our life as women? The Father calls us to live freely and spontaneously. How is that possible in such a troubled world? 

That I May Know Him: Deepening Our Walk with Jesus

Contributor: Donna Kauffman | Length : 47 | File type : Audio

Because we live in a fallen world, we’ve all been sinned against and wounded in many ways. From this we adopt perceptions about God that are untrue. In this session we will learn ways to receive the ... Read More

Stronger Together

Contributor: Darrell Nisly | Length : 45 | File type : Audio

Supporting agencies, mission boards, administrators, missionaries, and receiving bodies are all important links in the chain to effective ministry. Strong, trusting relationships in this chain are cru... Read More

This Is Not the Life I Signed Up For

Contributor: Marie Mullet | Length : 45 | File type : Audio

Whether we said, “I do,” signed a contract, committed to a responsibility, or accepted a position in ministry, we often find ourselves facing an entirely unforeseen and difficult situation. Life thr... Read More

Serving Together: Board Spouses

Contributor: Mary Anna Graber | Length : 24 | File type : Audio

So your husband is on the school board, or he's teaching school, or he's serving in a church role. What does that mean for you (besides the fact that you see less of him)? In this discussion, women co... Read More

Intentional Service Brings Fulfillment to Teaching

Contributor: Carol Burkholder | Length : 4 | File type : Audio

We maintain long-term enthusiasm in our classroom by seeing teaching as a ministry, not just a job. When we choose to focus on serving our students rather than on what we can get out of teaching, our... Read More

2018 Survey Results: How Do They Do It?

Contributor: Lucas Hilty | File type : Article

In this fifth and final installment of survey results, we consider how educators think about their calling, how they use their non-teaching time, and what they do for refreshment.What is the... Read More