Recommended Resources

Free Image Resources

Contributors: Lucas Hilty | File type : Article

Images add more than visual appeal to your lessons. They let students imagine the emotions of historical characters, appreciate the nuances of geographic description, and appreciate the power of artis... Read More

Recommended Book Series for Elementary

Contributors: Anna Zehr | File type : Curricular

From two elementary teachers, this list suggests series that provide your child with material to grow into reading. The list is in progress; download the file and edit it to fit your situation. D... Read More

Must-Reads Book List

Contributors: Anna Zehr | File type : Curricular

The compilers chose for this list books recognized as timeless classics, or books that form values or expand the minds of readers. Books listed in the preschool through lower elementary sections can b... Read More

PSLI Book Reports

Contributors: Mark Bear | Length : 21 | File type : Audio

The History of Christian Education, A Mennonite Perspective, reviewed by Mark Bear Ideas and Checklists for School Board Members, reviewed by Jake Lehman The Collapse of Parenting, reviewed by Jeff Sc... Read More

Taking Stock: A Classroom Shopping List

Contributors: Arlene Birt | File type : Blog Post

“Do you have paper bags?” “Can I have a plate?” Yes, to both questions—I have all kinds of things in my closet and desk! Over the years of teaching, I’ve found a number of items tha... Read More

Christian-Friendly Books, K-12

Contributors: Edward Lake | File type : Curricular

Kindergarten-Grade 1 Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Storytime with the Millers Goodnight Moon The Little Engine that Could Wisdom and the Millers Where the Sidewalk ends ... Read More

2018 Survey Results: Useful Tools

Contributors: Lucas Hilty | File type : Article

In this post, we continue digesting the input from the 85 Anabaptist educators who filled out our survey. For Part 1 of the results, which includes demographic profiles of respondents and the types... Read More

Virtual Field Trips

Contributors: Arlene Birt | File type : Curricular

Ball State University's field trips program: Archived virtual field trips, such as visiting the Grand Canyon and the Grand Tetons, walk in history. Teachers must enroll their class to get access. ... Read More

Online Resources for ELL Learning Support and Special Needs

Contributors: Arlene Birt | File type : Curricular

LDonline: tells of modifications, many articles on ways to help or understand those with learning disabilities or special needs Enchanted Learning Dictionary: choose a topic, shows pictures an... Read More

Online Help with Standards

Contributors: Arlene Birt | File type : Curricular

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has math standards for pedagogical reform NCTE and IRA standards for English Language Arts Do you know of other online resources for standards? L... Read More