Standardized Testing

More Than a Grade: Assessment as a Teaching Tool

Contributor: Brian J Martin | Length : 5 | File type : Video

Tests, quizzes, and gradebooks: these tools demonstrate to you what your students know. But how can they help your students? Brian encourages teachers to view assessments as more than a chance to ca... Read More

Achievement Tests Explained

Contributor: Lorne Martin | Length : 39 | File type : Audio

The why of achievement tests: We maintain what we value, and we value what we understand. Let's see if we can better understand so we perceive the value of what we would like to maintain.

Are The Common Core State Standards for Christian Schools?

Contributor: Matthew Mast | File type : Curricular

A college-level research project on PowerPoint. Matthew Mast begins with defining the Common Core State Standards, telling why and how they were set. He lists pros and cons of using them in our Chri... Read More

I Hate Grades

Contributor: Peter Goertzen | File type : Blog Post

I hate grades.Well, not exactly. I hate the way students (and parents) are conditioned to think about grades in too many cases. A good grade—or at least a passing grade—is often viewed as ... Read More

Teacher-Made Tests

Contributor: Anthony S. Jones, Lawrence W. Bagford, Edward A. Wallen | File type : Article

In a chapter from their book Strategies of Teaching, the authors compare and contrast true-or-false, essay, completion, and multiple-choice questions. Although they favor the objectivity of multiple-c... Read More

Creative Classroom Testing

Contributor: ETS/Sybil B Carlson | File type : Document

An extensive handbook published by a leading producer of standardized tests. Replete with multiple examples and a variety of test types. Courtesy Educational Testing Service.Download this documen... Read More

Blooms Questions for Reading and Class

Contributor: John Swartz | File type : Article

This collection includes several comparative descriptions of Bloom's taxonomy, adapted and with an added category called Spiritual Discernment. One section provides examples of the taxonomy in use in ... Read More

Evaluating Student Progress

Contributor: John Swartz | File type : Article

This outline addresses testing and evaluation. Topics include the three primary questions in education, planning tests, administering tests, and the qualities of a good test maker. Permission to share... Read More

Improving Multiple Choice Tests

Contributor: ©IDEA | File type : Article

IDEA Paper 16 From the publisher: This paper discusses the importance of writing multiple choice test questions to ensure that higher level cognitive learning is being assessed. Both strengths and li... Read More

Job of a Study Exercise Constructor

Contributor: John Swartz | File type : Article

This document contains two sections, one with general rules for constructing study exercises, and one with exercises to identify Bloom's taxonomy levels in questions. Permission to share via John Swar... Read More