Board and Admin

“Called to Serve: The Role of the Christian School Board”: Additional Resources

Documents for School Boards “Boards, Principals, and Administrators: Who Does What?” by Jonas Sauder Who Does What? ( “Board Job Descriptions” by Gerald Miller B... Read More

Effectively Accommodating Varying Student Ability

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Within any group of students there will be diverse talents and aptitudes. Is it appropriate to modify systems of scope and sequence to accommodate varying student ability? If a student fails in one su... Read More

Curriculum Presentations

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Presentations on two major curriculums: Christian Light and Rod & Staff.

Constructive Listening

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In the quest for effective communication, have you noticed we emphasize speaking skills more than listening skills? What is good listening? What are the habits and mindsets of a good listener? How mig... Read More

By Love Serve One Another

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Without charity, all our gifts, understandings, and contributions profit nothing! This concluding topic will invigorate you to return to your responsibilities with a renewed focus on love and humility... Read More

Is There Not a Cause?

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What good is school? Why does your community need a school? After many decades, conducting our own schools has become commonplace. What are the contributions of schools to our church life in 2022? If... Read More

Tech at School: Pros and Cons (Panel Discussion)

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As we all know, technology continues to change our world. Can tech be suitably utilized in our schools? Are we equipping students for its appropriate use? How might tech help or hinder the functions o... Read More

Strengths and Weaknesses of Boards

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Undoubtedly, God has used and is using boards to effectively lead and bless schools. In what areas does management by boards excel? How do we capitalize on the strengths of the board leadership model?... Read More

SOS Calls from the Board

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A series of short talks on common calls for help from school boards: HELP! I've No Clue What I'm Doing (Jeff Good) HELP! My Teacher & Patrons Are At Odds (Wilmer Hursh) HELP! My Teacher... Read More

Shouting for the Battle

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Many of the early Christian private schools experienced legal difficulty to secure the freedom to operate. This topic will review one of those stories, and note how the visionaries of that time “sho... Read More