Try the Spirits

Contributor: Rick Rhodes | File type : Teaching Material

There is so much done today in the name of the Holy Spirit. How do we tell the difference? Is it right to challenge someone’s claim on having heard from the Spirit of God? Do you know the Holy Spiri... Read More

Introducing Jesus in an IDP Camp

Contributor: Reuben Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

We currently have unprecedented opportunities to “tell the story” among Muslims and internally displaced people. In this session, Reuben Yoder explores ways to turn stories of inhumane suffering a... Read More

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Contributor: Merle Burkholder | File type : Teaching Material

What would it look like for God's kingdom to be on earth? What is God's kingdom in the first place? Merle challenges us to work for God's kingdom and make a difference in the world around us.

As Clay in the Hands of a Potter: Life Lessons from a Potter

Contributor: Trent Clugston | File type : Teaching Material

The potter has a useable end-product as his guide as he starts working the clay until he has the final product glazed and fired. This session investigates the spiritual significance of each step in th... Read More

What Do You Do With Light?

Contributor: Rick Rhodes | File type : Teaching Material

When Jesus died, the church became His light on the earth.  It's members go into places of spiritual darkness and illuminate them. They do this by surrendering, seeking, and sending.

The Power of the Gospel

Contributor: Ken Miller | File type : Teaching Material

Why wasn't Paul ashamed of the Gospel? Ken Miller shows how the Gospel was foretold and fulfilled and shares stories of the power the Gospel has.

A Plentiful Harvest

Contributor: Allen Roth | File type : Teaching Material

In Matthew 9, what did Jesus see, say, and do? If we want to bring a plentiful harvest into God's kingdom, we must look, pray, prepare, and finally go. Allen Roth calls us to both pray for more worker... Read More

Healing for Hurting Hearts

Contributor: Dave Yoder | File type : Teaching Material

Is there an answer for the ache in the heart? Can wholeness encompass physical, mental, and emotional pain? How does one find purpose and fulfillment in the context of mysteries and missing pieces? ... Read More

Compassion Fatigue

Contributor: Jon Stoltzfus | File type : Teaching Material

How can we maintain the compassion of Jesus when exposed to the endless needs? Mission opportunities abound and we can easily travel to see the needs first hand. But how can we know the needs are legi... Read More

Living in Fear or Living in Love

Contributor: Frank Reed | File type : Teaching Material

Fear or love? That does not sound like a difficult decision. Why do we complicate it? Fear drives so much human behavior. How can we choose love and the blessings that go with it? God has the answers.... Read More