To Understand and Do: Teaching Literature for Life Change

Contributor: Jonas Sauder | Length : 8 | File type : Video

How important is literature in your school's curriculum? How can you lead your students to godliness through poems, stories, and art? How do you select literature that will influence students towards ... Read More

Writing a Research Paper, Part 3: Citing Sources and Plagiarism

Contributor: James A Goering II | File type : Blog Post

Correctly citing sources is often one of the least-understood parts of writing a research paper. This article will investigate reasons for citing sources, examine some misconceptions about plagiarism,... Read More

Writing: Creative Communication

Contributor: Kyle Stoltzfus | Length : 56 | File type : Audio

What is creativity? A power given to only the enlightened few? No! Instead, creativity is an acquired skill that takes practice. In this interactive session, we will explore creativity as problem-solv... Read More

Poetry: Powerful Rhymed Poetry

Contributor: Jay Martin | Length : 68 | File type : Audio

Some professionals discount rhyme in poetry as cheap technique. Though rhyme alone does not deliver poetic quality, poetic language infused with winsome rhyme forms a stirring combination near the ape... Read More

Stories: Using Point of View Effectively

Contributor: Becky McGurrin | Length : 30 | File type : Audio

Have you been writing for years but still feel like your storytelling isn’t as engaging or compelling as it could be? Do you wish you were one of those authors whose readers are so drawn in that they... Read More

Writing: Ten Things Editors Wished You Knew

Contributor: Joyce Beachy | Length : 60 | File type : Audio

Arthur Plotnik said, “You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.” What do editors wish you knew about ... Read More

Poetry: Poetry as Communication and Connection

Contributor: Marlene Brubacher | Length : 59 | File type : Audio

Some verses are skimmed and forgotten; others are savored and remembered. Let’s explore the ways vulnerability, pivotal word choice, and author tone transform forgettable rhymes into living poetry th... Read More

Stories: Exploring Universal Questions Without Moralizing

Contributor: G. C. Waldrep | Length : 61 | File type : Audio

How do we uphold godly virtues while still accurately portraying human problems and tendencies? How can we portray characters, conflict, and resolutions in a way that leads readers to ponder personal ... Read More

Articles: Let’s Get Specific: Accurate Language in a World of Ambiguity

Contributor: Kyle Stolzfus | Length : 58 | File type : Audio

We use words to distinguish things, name them, and communicate with others. Writers who command language command the ability to communicate their meaning with clarity and precision. This workshop enco... Read More

Stories: Writing to the Beat of a Middle-Schooler’s Heart

Contributor: Angela Freed | Length : 58 | File type : Audio

What makes children ages 9-14 read their favorite books till the pages fall out? Together we will peruse these books and discover how the authors reach this age group’s heart.