Anabaptist History

Living History Threads Worksheets

Contributors: Libby (Turner) Boss | File type : Teaching Material

Libby made these worksheets to go with five Threads booklets written and published by Faith Builders. She writes, "My school (in Ireland) couldn't afford the whole curriculum, so I just purchased the ... Read More

Classroom Posters: Faith of Our Fathers (Trachselwald Castle)

Contributors: Anya Hursh | File type : Curricular

Anya made these posters for a school theme on "Faith of Our Fathers." The castle in the pictures is Trachselwald, where many Anabaptist prisoners were held before their execution. ... Read More

Key Differences Between Evangelicals and Anabaptists

Contributors: Nolan Martin | File type : Article

Evangelicals have more influence on Anabaptists in the United States than any other Christian group. Because they believe the same as the Anabaptists on issues such as the authority of Scripture, we f... Read More

The Russian Mennonite Story: The Bitter End

Contributors: Chester Weaver | File type : Curricular

Thousands upon thousands of Russian Mennonites perished in Russia from 1917 until the 1980s. Summary of the six turbulent times The Civil War of 1917 – 1920 and the famine of 1921 – 1922 ... Read More

Mennonite Holocaust Perpetrators?

Contributors: Chester Weaver | File type : Article

Mennonites as Holocaust perpetrators? Did Mennonites actually help destroy Jews? Yes, unfortunately so. Recent research is uncovering this unsavory truth, too long hidden in darkness. Consider the ... Read More

Foundations of Anabaptism: What Can We Learn for Our Day?

Contributors: Chester Weaver | Length : 62 | File type : Audio

Why and how did the Anabaptism movement pioneer separation of church and state, now embraced by most of the free world today? Why did the movement possess so much spiritual power in the early years of... Read More

Foundations of Anabaptism: Reformation Leaders

Contributors: Chester Weaver | Length : 62 | File type : Audio

How and when did other reformation leaders interact with the Anabaptist movement? This presentation focuses on the Reformation and various religious leaders during that time period.

Foundations of Anabaptism: Reformation Timeline

Contributors: Chester Weaver | Length : 63 | File type : Audio

How does the Anabaptist movement mesh with other reformation events? This presentation focuses on the benefits of using a timeline to keep Anabaptist history in the correct context.

Library Poster: A Great Multitude

Contributors: Barbara Lapp | File type : Document

This slide contains an image of the poster plus an attached Publisher file for editing. The resulting poster is 12" X 47". Download the document now or view it below. ... Read More

Student Name Tags with Continental Theme

Contributors: Barbara Lapp | File type : Document

When a student reads a biography about one of the featured people, the student or teacher writes the student's name on a name tag and it will be stuck underneath the poster. The different colored pape... Read More