Physical Science Syllabus by John Mark Kuhns

Contributors: John Mark Kuhns | File type : Curricular

John Mark outlines forty objectives, five requirements, and the materials and methods for a class focusing on the physical earth and a Christian orientation towards it. Download the syllabus now or p... Read More

How Do Clouds Form? Adiabatic Cooling and Heating

Contributors: Caleb Martin | Length : 13 | File type : Video

What can you learn about clouds with a water bottle and a bit of smoke? Watch as Caleb demonstrates adiabatic cooling and heating, and recommends a $10 device every science teacher should have. ... Read More

General Science Test Module #4

Contributors: Erikson Lehman | File type : Teaching Material

A test for Apologia General Science Module 4. Students are tested on simple machines and must find the mechanical advantage. Download this worksheet now or read it below. ... Read More

High School Physics Syllabus

Contributors: Brian J Martin | File type : Curricular

Brian prepared this syllabus for to guide the use of A Beka's Physics and several additional materials. However, the document provides a wealth of ideas and structure for any high school physics class... Read More

You Can Build an Electrophorus: A Simple Apparatus for Experimenting with Electricity

Contributors: John Goering | Length : 9 | File type : Video

In this demonstration, science teacher John Goering explains how you can build and use a classic device to demonstrate basics of voltage, positive and negative charges, and resistance. To reproduce th... Read More

Electrophorus Lab

Contributors: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

In this study guide, students experiment with an aluminum pie pan, a foam plate, a foam cup, and a straw. The document includes steps for reproducing the experiment and questions to assist student... Read More


Contributors: John Goering | File type : Curricular

This program demonstrates the physics of frictionless disks sliding across a frictionless surface. In the program, press F1 to see the help file which contains a number of tutorials that show how to d... Read More

A Beka Physical Science Resources

Author: Lucas Hilty

| File type : Collection

Understanding the Principle of Relativity

Contributors: Ray Krass | Length : 111 | File type : Audio

Ray, a physicist who worked with relative theory professionally, discusses the principles of general and special relativity and their possible implications. Courtesy FBEP.