Technology Literacy

Expand Geometric Thinking with Arcnel

Contributors: John Goering | File type : Teaching Material

Arcnel is a new version of Elsys which was uploaded earlier. Arcnel's new name reflects its ability to draw arcs as it processes L-systems. "Lsystem Activities.pdf" is a series of activities designed ... Read More

Values and Practices for the Use of Technology

| File type : Document

Technology accelerates communication. But what does this do for your school? Faith Builders developed a list of values for the use of technology along with accompanying action items. You may fi... Read More

Evaluating the Effects of Technology

| Length : 60 | File type : Teaching Material

Tens of billions of brain cells work in delicate balance, giving us the ability to think, memorize, express emotions, and enjoy social interactions. We will consider how technology effects these impor... Read More

Shema, Smartphones, and Tselem

Contributor: Clifford Schrock | File type : Teaching Material

Mankind has gone from scratches on cave walls to quill pens, the printing press, telephone, recorded audio, the digital explosion, and now personal devices and a host of related technologies! How do w... Read More

Nuts & Bolts of Using Social Media in Distinctly Anabaptist Ways (panel)

Contributor: Matt Landis | File type : Teaching Material

Conservative Anabaptists involved in social media will discuss what they do and how they do social media. We will attempt to cover the aspects of being a faithful Christian and using social media tool... Read More

New Tech You Can Use

Contributor: Matt Landis | File type : Teaching Material

This breakout takes a practical look at some new, some mature tools that are becoming affordable/accessible that may help to make your ministry more efficient.

It Makes Life Really Simple: How LastPass Lets You Forget Your Passwords

Contributors: Austin Shenk | Length : 6 | File type : Video

Password security: not everyone's favorite topic. IT staff and large corporations can worry about that. Why do you need to be concerned? In fact, hackers steal the passwords of millions of people l... Read More

Technology and Our Children: Addressing a Crisis

Contributors: Gerald Miller | Length : 6 | File type : Video

Are you in control of the technology in your home? Does it control your children—and you? In this excerpt from his longer talk on the home's influence, Gerald challenges us to reckon with the crisis... Read More

Powerpoint Project 1

Contributors: Kendall Myers | File type : Teaching Material

In this practice project for Powerpoint, students will create a basic powerpoint based on the example given. Students will need to write titles, insert pictures and use different animations for key po... Read More

Powerpoint Project 2

Contributors: Kendall Myers | File type : Teaching Material

In this practice project for Powerpoint, students will follow basic instructions to create a powerpoint where slides and text appear with different animations. Download this document or read it bel... Read More