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Opening Our Eyes to Grace

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What does it mean to be a school of grace? Schools of grace give children unmerited, transforming love and acceptance; they have conversations that bless and honor parents, authorities, and the margin... Read More

Unit Plan Template

| File type : Teaching Material

A detailed template for planning instructional units. Designed specifically for high school literature, the template is easily adapted to any subject. Download the document now or read it below. ... Read More

“I’ll Just Google It”

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Students today have instant access to more information than previous generations could have imagined. For some, this begs a question: "Why should I bother learning it in school if I can just Google i... Read More

Choosing Your Battles

The Value of Teacher Training | Classroom Management

There will always be problems in the classroom, and sometimes you canโ€™t work on all of them at once. How do you decide which issues to ignore till later?

Commanding Respect (Upper Grades)

The Value of Teacher Training | Classroom Management

In the upper grades, respect is tested in a new way as young people begin thinking on their own. We want them to choose to respect authority. We will discuss ways a teacher can command respect in thei... Read More

Classroom Theater

The Value of Teacher Training | Classroom Management

Gail Godwin says, โ€œGood teaching is one fourth preparation and three fourths theater.โ€ This class will look at the similarities between teachers and actors and discuss ways to improve our craft.

Classroom Culture

The Value of Teacher Training | Classroom Management

What are some cultures that you donโ€™t want in your classroom? What are some that you do? What are some tips to start out the year in a way to encourage a positive classroom culture?

Communication in Specific Contexts

The Value of Teacher Training | Teacher Development

All teachers at some point need to have difficult conversations with fellow adults: colleagues, authorities, peers. What are some things to remember when having those conversations? Session four of a ... Read More


The Value of Teacher Training | Classroom Management

All teachers face potential for great amounts of clutter in their classroom. In this workshop we will explore practical ways for a teacher to stay organized, efficient, and decluttered in their classr... Read More

Effective Drill

The Value of Teacher Training | Algebra | Strategies and Techniques

Line upon line...again and again and again. Here are effective drill methods for your lower grade classroom.